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Page Title: Call Hold
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To create a loop, four or more point-to-point,
2. Depress the press-to-talk switch to establish
conference calls, or both must be in progress at the
communications on the net.
same time and a particular and predictable relationship
3. When finished, disconnect the headset-chestset
must exist among the station numbers of the called
from the jack or jackbox and stow it.
stations. The numbers of the calling stations are
immaterial since the cable pairs carrying the calls are
Call Hold
those assigned to the called terminal station. The called
station is permanently connected to those pairs that carry
The call hold function is used by a terminal station
the call, while the calling station connects itself in
that has originated a call and desires to maintain
parallel to those pairs by the use of the station selector
communication with the called station while answering
an incoming call. To perform the call hold function, you
When a loop is formed, the operators of the affected
should use the following procedure:
stations will simultaneously hear all conversations
1. Inform the called station that you have an
among the stations involved in the loop. The
incoming call, and tell the called station to stay on the
conversations will be at relatively high audio levels,
line while you answer the call.
making normal communications among these stations
2. Answer the call according to normal procedures
by setting the PLACE CALL/ANSWER switch to the
The only way to break a loop after it has formed is
ANSWER position.
to end one of the calls. The press-to-talk switches on
3. When you have finished with the incoming call,
both handsets of the stations involved must be released
set the PLACE CALL/ANSWER switch to the PLACE
to end the call. NEVER tape down the press-to-talk
CALL position and continue with your original call.
switch of a handset. A taped down switch will act as a
continuous call even when a call is ended.
Executive Override
There is a caution label plate on the front cover of
each terminal station to caution operating personnel
When a station has received a call and is talking to
against excessive traffic.
the calling station at the time a second call is received,
the second call is considered an override function. The
call hold function cannot be used in this case.
Preventive and corrective maintenance for the
system should be accomplished according to the
applicable MRCs and associated technical manual(s)
Communication interference while making
for the system.
point-to-point, conference calls, or both may occur due
to cross talk and looping.
Cross talk
Voice tubes are installed aboard ship in addition to
the sound-powered telephone system to provide another
Cross talk is the effect created when an AC signal
way for transmitting information between designated
from one lead in a cable induces a small voltage into the
stations. The voice tube is used to transmit voice orders
adjacent lead. Crosstalk, while usually always present,
and information over short distances by nonelectrical
is at a relatively low audio level and will be heard as a
means. Voice tubes are made of 3-inch brass,
faint background conversation during a call.
thin-walled tubing fitted with mouthpieces at each end.
Voice tubes are installed between the following stations
aboard ship as applicable:
Looping is an undesirable and unintentional
Surface Ships
formation of a complex series-parallel circuit among
From the pilothouse (helmsman's station) to the
stations that are simultaneously busy. This is a result of
navigation bridge wings (port and starboard)
a direct connection between terminal stations when an
From the pilothouse (helmsman's station) to the
excessive number of simultaneous point-to-point calls
exposed conning station (top of pilothouse)
are being made.

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