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responsibilities will be the same as those of the regularly
forms or tags as a checkoff of a particular progressive
assigned SQCI.
step of inspection or final job completion. The stamp
will also serve as proof of inspection and acceptance of
each satisfactory shop end product. This stamp may
have your command identification and a QCI number
that is assigned and traceable to you.
As a supervisor, you must also ensure that
As an SQCI, you should be thoroughly familiar with
procedures governing controlled material are followed.
all aspects of the QA program and the QC procedures
You can do this by having one or more of your work
and requirements of your specialty.
center personnel trained in the procedures for
inspecting, segregating, stowing, and issuing controlled
You will be trained and qualified by the QAO
material. When they have completed their training,
according to the requirements set forth by your
designate them as controlled material petty officers
applicable QA manual and the QC requirements
applicable to your installation. The QAO will interview
you to determine your general knowledge of records,
report completion, and filing requirements.
As stated earlier, the person doing the work, whether
You will report to the appropriate QA supervisors
it be manufacturing or repairing, is responsible to you
while keeping your division officer informed of matters
when questions arise about the work being performed,
pertaining to QA work done in the shop. You and your
whether the work is incorrect, incomplete, or unclear.
work center QCIs will be responsible for the following:
Make sure your workers know to stop and seek work
Developing a thorough understanding of the QA
instructions or clarification from you when questions or
conditions arise which may present an impediment to
the successful completion of the task at hand.
Ensuring that all shop work performed by your
work center personnel meets the minimum
A good lesson to teach over and over to all workers
requirements set forth in the latest plans,
is to strive to achieve first-time quality on every task
directives, and specifications of higher authority
assigned. This not only will instill pride and
and that controlled work packages (CWPs) are
professionalism in their work, but also will ensure a
properly used on repair work.
quality product.
Ensuring that all work center personnel are
familiar with applicable QA manuals by
conducting work center/division training.
Maintaining records and files to support the QA
A comprehensive
personnel training program is the
program, following the QA manual.
next step in an effective QA program. For inspectors to
Assuring that your work center and, when
make a difference, they must be both trained and
certified. They must have formal or informal training in
applicable, division personnel do not use
inspection methods, maintenance and repair, and
measuring devices, instruments, inspection tools,
certification of QA requirements. Costly mistakes, made
gauges, or fixtures for production acceptance and
either from a lack of knowledge or improper training,
testing that do not have current calibration
can be entirely eliminated with a good QA training
stickers or records attached or available.
program at all levels of shop or work group organization.
Performing quality control inspections of each
Before personnel can assume the responsibility of
product manufacturcd or repaired by your work
coordinating, administering, and executing the QA
program, they must meet certain requirements.
Personnel assigned to the QA division or QC personnel
Assisting your division officer and QAO in
you have assigned in your work center, such as SQCIs,
conducting internal audits as required and taking
CMPOs, or their alternates, should be highly motivated
corrective action on noted discrepancies.
towards the QA program. It is imperative that a
Alternate SQCIs are usually assigned as backups to
qualification and requalification program be established
for those personnel participating in the program. Where
the regular SQCIs. Their qualifications and

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