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Page Title: Responsibilities for Quality of Maintenance
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following the completion of a task or series of
tasks. QA inspection of work areas following
task completion by several different personnel is
Although the CO is responsible for the inspection
an example of a final inspection.
and quality of material within a command, he or she
You have the direct responsibility as production
depends on the full cooperation of all hands to meet this
supervisor to assign a collateral duty inspector at the
responsibility. The responsibility for establishing a
time you assign work. This allows your inspector to
successful program to attain high standards of quality
make the progressive inspection(s) required; the
workmanship cannot be discharged by merely creating
inspector is not then confronted with a job already
a QA division within a maintenance organization. To
completed, functionally tested, and buttoned up.
operate effectively, this division requires the full support
Remember, production personnel to which you have
of everyone within the organization. It is not the
assigned the dual role of inspector cannot inspect or
instruments, instructions, and other facilities for making
certify their own work.
inspections that determine the success or failure in
achieving high standards of quality, it is the frame of
mind of all personnel.
Quality maintenance is vital to the effective
The SQCI is the frontline guardian of adherence to
operation of any maintenance organization. To achieve
quality standards. In the shops and on the deck plates,
this high quality of world each of your personnel must
the SQCIs must constantly remind themselves that they
know not only a set of specification limits, but also the
can make a difference in the quality of a product. They
purpose for these limits.
must be able to see and be recognized for their
The person with the most direct concern for quality
contributions in obtaining quality results.
workmanship is youthe production supervisor. This
As a work center supervisor, you will be responsible
stems from your responsibility for the professional
for the QA program in your work spaces. You must
performance of your assigned personnel. You must
realize that QA inspections are essential elements of an
establish procedures within the work center to ensure
effective QA program. You are responsible to your
that all QA inspection requirements are complied with
division officer and the QAO for coordinating and
during all maintenance evolutions. In developing
administering the QA program within your work center,
procedures for your work center, keep in mind that
You are responsible for ensuring that all repaired units
inspections normally fall into one of the three following
are ready for issue. This doesn't mean you have to
inspection areas:
inspect each item repaired in your shop personally; you
should have two reliable, well-trained technicians to
TIONS. These inspections apply to material,
assist you in QA inspections. To avoid the many
components, parts, equipment, logs, records, and
problems caused by poor maintenance repair practices
documents. These inspections determine the
or by the replacement of material with faulty or incorrect
condition of material, proper identification,
material, you must take your position as an SQCI very
maintenance requirements, disposition, and
seriously. When you inspect a certain step of installation,
correctness of accompanying records and
ensure to the utmost of your knowledge and ability that
the performance and product meet specifications and
that installations are correct.
Most commands that have a QA program will issue
inspections are specific QA actions that are
you a special card that will identify you as a qualified
required during maintenance or actions in cases
SQCI for your command. Each of your shop SQCIs also
where satisfactory task performance cannot be
will be assigned a personal serial number by the QAO
determined after maintenance has been
as proof of certification to use on all forms and tags that
c o m p l e t e d . These inspections include
require initials as proof that certified tests and
witnessing, application of torque, functional
inspections were completed. This will provide
testing, adjusting, assembling, servicing, and
documented proof and traceability that each item or lot
of items meets the material and workmanship for that
FINAL INSPECTION. These inspections
stage of workmanship. Also, you will be given a QCI
comprise specific QA actions performed
stamp so that you can stamp the QCI certification on the

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