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Page Title: IC Room Safety
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When operating circuit breakers or switches, use
Any hazard due to the ship's telephones can be
only one hand if possible. Use judgment in replacing
avoided by keeping the manual switchboard
blown fuses. Only fuses of 10 ampere capacity or less
de-energized during connection. In making the shore
connection, the IC Electrician must assume the circuit
should be removed or replaced in energized circuits.
is energized (as is the practice in some ports) and act
Fuses larger than 10 ampere ratings should be removed
or replaced only when the circuit is de-energized. Do not
work on any energized circuit, switchboard or other
Connection at some piers is made by plug-in-type
piece of electrical equipment unless absolutely
plugs and the hazards are minimized; however, where
necessary. Do not undertake any work on energized
lug and screw connections are made, emphasis must be
switchboards without first obtaining the approval of the
placed on live circuit precautions.
commanding officer. When you have received
On many ships, IC Electricians assist in connecting
permission to work on a live circuit, DO NOT attempt
and disconnecting ship's service power to shore power.
to do so by yourself; have another person (safety
The applicable guidelines are contained in Electrician's
observer), qualified in first aid for electrical shock,
Mate 1&C, NAVEDTRA 10547-E.
present at all times. The person stationed nearby should
also know the circuits and the location of switches
IC Room Safety
controlling the equipment and should be given
instructions to pull the switch immediately if anything
Since a major portion of the IC Electrician's time is
unforeseen happens. The worker within the enclosure
spent working in the IC room or IC workshop, it is
must always be aware of the nearness of other live
important that supervisory personnel examine the
circuits. Use rubber gloves where applicable and stand
personnel hazards present in these areas. It is mandatory,
on approved rubber matting.
of course, that the area be initially laid out with the
Circuits or equipment to be worked on should be
proper rubber matting and that the workbench and test
switchboard be installed with maximum safety for
de-energized by opening all switches through which
personnel as a prime consideration.
power could be supplied and then testing the circuit with
a voltmeter or voltage tester. These switches should then
Maintenance and Repair
be tagged with danger tags. In case more than one party
is engaged in repair work on a circuit, a danger tag for
As an IC Electrician Second Class, you will be
each party should be placed on the supply switches.
expected to supervise and train personnel when standing
A cardinal, yet often violated, rule regarding
watch. Most commands have a trouble-call log in either
enclosed equipment is never override or disable an
DC central or in the IC/gyro room. There is usually one
interlock. The Navy designed the interlock in the circuit
to three personnel on watch in the IC/gyro room
and no one should be allowed to violate it.
depending on the size of the command. If not, there is
always someone with the duty of responding to
Dirt, dust, lint, and excessive oil must be removed
casualties when they occur. You, as a supervisor, will be
from IC equipment. Junior personnel should, before
expected to train your watch personnel on how to
they begin a cleaning evolution, be instructed in and take
respond to these calls and the hazards they may
adequate precautions for their safety. Two general
cleaning rules are as follows:
1. Loose dust and dirt should be removed with a
MENT.-- The hazards involved to the operator and the
vacuum cleaner or clean rags. Low-pressure
repairman regarding switchboards have been greatly
compressed air may be used provided the air is free of
reduced in recent years by the installation of dead-front
foreign particles and moisture. Normal ship's service air
service-type switchboards. These and other enclosed
is 100 psi and must be reduced to approximate y 30 psi
equipments, however, require specific care in servicing
before it is used.
and cleaning.
2. Oil or hard dirt may require a cloth dampened
Switches should be operated with the safety of both
with inhibited methyl chloroform for adequate cleaning.
the operator and other personnel in mind. Before closing
Extreme care must be used on steel and varnish.
any switch, be sure the circuit is ready in all respects to
IN-SHOP REPAIRS.-- Many repairs made in the IC
be energized. Make sure all personnel working on the
room involve equipment normally used in other parts of
circuit are notified that it is to be energized.

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