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Page Title: Fire Safety
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type and in good condition. In addition to ensuring good
proper emphasis on safety items. Often the precautions
performance and long equipment service life, careful
are located in the front of the manual before the table of
workmanship will help prevent fires. A badly made
contents, where they are easily overlooked.
connection that vibrates loose or a conductor that carries
Senior petty officers should ensure that each person
high voltages too close to another can cause an arc.
sent out on a maintenance action is instructed on the
Pulling fuses on energized circuits should be avoided
precautions to be observed. Too often high voltage
since an arc can result. When it comes to fire prevention,
sources and alternate power sources mentioned in the
the fewer sparks the better.
Safety section of the technical manual are overlooked
If a fire or overheated condition occurs in electrical
or forgotten by junior electricians until the screwdriver
equipment, the circuit should be de-energized as quickly
is in place.
as possible. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is to be used in
fighting electrical fires because it is nonconductive and
Each maintenance requirement card (MRC) used in the
thereby the safest to use in terms of personnel safety, and
Navy has a section devoted to safety precautions to be
because it offers the least likelihood of doing equipment
observed by the person who performs the maintenance
damage. However, if the discharge horn is allowed to
action prescribed on the card. Sometimes, this section
touch an energized circuit, the horn may transmit a
contains only a reminder to observe standard safety
shock to the handler, due to frost on the horn.
precautions. But, whatever they are, the leading petty
officer responsible for the maintenance action should
Outside Safety
ensure that each person in his/her work group is
instructed in the safety precautions and observes them
IC Electricians perform maintenance on equipment
while performing his/her tasks.
located throughout the ship. A leading petty officer may
PERIODICALS.-- Many sources of safety infor-
have personnel working simultaneously on the bridge,
mation are distributed on a monthly or quarterly basis
in the engine room and fireroom, and in several other
by various naval activities. The Naval Safety Center
spaces. It is imperative that all of these personnel be
publishes the Ships Safety Bulletin and Fathom, a
aware of the general and specific safety precautions
quarterly surface ship and submarine safety review.
involved in their work. The person who neglects to
Fathom presents accurate and current information on
secure the power to the salinity system (circuit SB) when
the subject of nautical accident prevention. Safety
cleaning it is just as likely to be injured or killed as the
Review, published monthly by the Chief of Naval
one who doesn't properly use a safety harness when
Material (CHNAVMAT), contains information on the
aligning the anemometer (circuits HD, HE).
safe storage, handling, or other use of products and
materials. Articles dealing with safety appear often in
Live Circuits
Electronics Information Bulletin, Deckplate, and
Surface Warfare magazine.
More often than not, it is impossible to align
de-energized equipment. Gyro repeaters, engine order
telegraphs, and other synchro systems require
Fire Safety
adjustment "hot"; therefore, several precautions must be
observed whenever the work is being done on energized
The best way to control any fire is not let it happen.
electrical equipment.
When working on equipment, personnel should always
be aware that circuit protective devices, such as fuses
1. Provide ample illumination.
and circuit breakers, are frost-line insurance against
2. Do not wear a wrist watch, rings, watch chain,
overheating and must be in good condition. The filter is
metal articles, or loose clothing that might make
an important part of filtered ventilating systems. If the
accidental contact with live parts or that might
filter is clogged, the equipment will run hot and may
accidental] y catch and throw some part of the body into
bum out. If the filter is not in place or has holes in it,
contact with live parts. Clothing and shoes should be as
dust will get into the system and present a possible fire
dry as possible.
hazard. When falters are replaced, the replacement filter
3. Insulate the worker from ground by means of
must be the same type as the original. When equipment
insulating material covering any adjacent grounded
is opened, components and wiring insulation should be
metal with which he/she might come in contact. Suitable
inspected for signs of overheating. To avoid dangerous
insulating materials are rubber mats, dry canvas, dry
short circuits, electrical insulation must be of the correct

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