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Page Title: Figure 7-33.--AN/PIC-2 public address set.
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3. Two-way intercommunication between selected
4. Alarm signals that may be broadcast over the
general announcing system.
5. An emergency reporting system providing for
the one-way communication of emergency
reports from any compartment in the submarine
to selected areas.
6. An escape trunk communication system that
may be interconnected to selected stations; that,
in an emergency, may be disconnected from the
ship communication system and operating on its
own auxiliary storage battery supply; and that
may be used for communication between the
escape trunk and adjacent compartments.
7. A system for use in the sonar control room that
Figure 7-33.--AN/PIC-2 public address set.
allows the sonar evaluator to break in on a sonar
operator for communication purposes.
the set to an external 12-volt battery when desired. The
8. A portable loudspeaker control unit that maybe
driver unit, microphone, amplifier enclosure, and
connected to the ship control unit extension
battery enclosure are watertight.
cable for use in communicating from the deck
To operate the set, put the battery selector switch to
watch to the control room when the ship is at
the INT. position (or to the EXT. position if operation is
anchor or in port. The portable unit may also be
to be from an external battery). Grasp the pistol-grip
used on the general amounting system.
handle with one hand, raise the unit so that the rubber
microphone is almost touching the mouth, and direct the
horn in the direction it is desired to communicate. Press
the press-to-talk switch and speak directly into the
Public address sets are used at fleet landings and in
microphone in a strong voice. Release the press-to-talk
amphibious operations to direct the movement of
switch when the message is completed. The set is
personnel, vehicles, and small boats; to communicate
specially designed to eliminate acoustic feedback to the
between ships and small boats; and to address personnel
extent possible. Acoustic feedback may occur, however,
aboard ship where high noise levels are present or where
if the horn is directed toward a reflecting surface, such
the installed announcing system is inoperative or
as a deck or bulkhead. When using the set below decks,
impractical. They are also used for entertainment and
back the volume control knob off until feedback stops,
such functions as church services, wardroom and ready
and then advance it gradually to a point where maximum
room briefings, change-of-command and other
volume without feedback is obtained.
ceremonies, and personnel training. The two types of
public address sets are the electronic megaphone type
and the portable amplifier or lectern type.
Amplifier Circuit
The transistor amplifier is a three-stage,
transformer-coupled,  push-pull type. It consists of
The AN/PIC-2 is an electronic megaphone-type
volume control R1, input transistor Q1, interstage
public address set designed to perform under extremes
coupling transformer T2, push-pull power transistors
of temperature and high humidity. The set consists of a
Q3 and Q4, and output inductor L1.
loudspeaker horn, a microphone, a transistor amplifier
assembly, a driver unit, eight D-size batteries, and a
DC Power Circuits
pistol-grip handle with a press-to-talk switch, battery
selector switch, and external battery connector. All
The 12-volt dc supply is selected from either the
components are housed in one assembly (fig. 7-33). A
internal or external batteries by battery selector switch
15-foot external power cable is provided for connecting

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