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Page Title: Figure 6-41.--Common panel test set.
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As soon as line 262 is found, finder No. 15
(negative signal voltage), one to the S wire position
seizes its associated selector (No. 15) and dial tone is
for line 62 for Y direction hunt stop, and the other to
returned to the calling station by way of the wire
seize the level 6 section in the level detector. The
bank connection. The calling party now dials the
level detector responds to level 6 seizure by extending
initial digit 4 of the called station (474) and the rotary
level mark ground to mark position six of the XX wire
switch associated with selector No. 15 steps to seize
bank for X direction hunt stop, and request ground to
the next idle connector in switchboard No. 2. The
the find allotter.
next idle connector in this case is connector No. 13.
Selector No. 15 extends a seizure ground, which
The finder allotter, which serves to allot idle
prepares the connector circuitry for the second and
finders, routes the request ground to the next
third digits to be dialed. When the calling party dials
available finder in the allotter sequence. Assume that
the digit 7, the wipers of the XY switch associated
finder No. 15 is the next one available. This finder
with connector No. 13 step seven times in the X
responds to automatically hunt for the calling line in
direction, following the dial pulse. When the digit 4 is
the wire bank by stepping its associated XY switch in
dialed, the wipers step four times in the Y direction.
the X direction until the XX wiper encounters the
The XY switch wipers now rest on the wire bank
level mark ground in the XX wire bank. The X
position corresponding to called line 474. The
direction hunting then stops and Y direction hunting
connector extends ring voltage from the selector to
automatically begins. After two steps, the S wiper
the called line. When the called party answers, the
encounters the line mark battery which halts the Y
switch-through is completed. The audio path for the
direction hunting. The finder XY switch wipers now
call is shown in figure 6-40, view A.
rest in the wire bank position of the calling line 262.
Figure 6-41.--Common panel test set.

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