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Page Title: Meridian Gyro Control System
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Slave Gyro Control System
major systems; the meridian gyro control system, the
slave gyro control system, the azimuth follow-up
The slave gyro control system (fig. 4-26, view B)
system, and the roll and pitch follow-up system.
consists of the slave gyro gravity reference, leveling
control, and slaving control systems, and the slave gyro
Meridian Gyro Control System
constant torque compensation.
The meridian gyro control system includes the
gravity reference system, the azimuth control system,
and the leveling control system. These systems are
SYSTEM.-- The slave gyro gravity reference system is
similar to the Mk 23 compass control system, and they
similar to the meridian gyro gravity reference system. It
function to control the meridian gyro in the same
consists of a gravity reference, a mixer and its network and
manner. The compass compensation system is more
the east-west acceleration computer. The output of the
elaborate, due to the high degree of accuracy required
system is the slave gyro compensated tilt signal, which
of the Mk 19 Mod 3A gyrocompass, and will be
is fed to the slave gyro leveling control system, and the
discussed separately.
slave gyro constant torque compensation system.
SYSTEM.-- The gravity reference system (fig. 4-26,
SYSTEM.-- The slave gyro leveling control system
view A) consists of the meridian gyro gravity reference
consists of a mixer, a leveling torque amplifier, and a
(the electrolytic bubble level and excitation
leveling torque. The input signals to the mixer are the
tmnsformcr), the north-south acceleration computer, a
compensated tilt signal from the slave gyro gravity
mixer, and its associated network.
reference system, and the horizontal earth rate, the east-
west speed, and the constant torque compensation sig-
The tilt signal from the electrolytic bubble level is
nals. The leveling torque, amplifier and leveling torque
fed into the mixer. Here, the tilt signal is mixed with the
arc duplicates of those used in the meridian gyro level-
north-south acceleration signal (a compensation signtil
ing control system. The output of the leveling torque
m be discussed later), and the compensated tilt signal is
amplifier is sent to the leveling torque control field.
fed into a net work of resistors, potentiometers, and relay
contacts. me network has three output signals: the
meridian control signal to the azimuth control system,
SYSTEM.-- The slaving control system detects any mis-
the damping signal to the leveling control system, and
alignment between the azimuth phantom and the slave
the compensated tilt signal to the meridian gyro constant
gyro, and slaves the gyro to its proper east-west position.
torque compensation system.
The system consists of the slaving pickoff, the slaving
signal amplifier, the slaving torque amplifier (STA), and
two slaving torquers. The slaving pickoff is an E-core
SYSTEM.-- The azimuth control system consists of a
transformer mounted on the vertical ring. The armature
mixer, an azimuth torque amplifier, and the azimuth
of the pickoff is cemented to the gyrosphere. Thus, a
torquers. (See fig, 4-26, view A.) The mixer input
misalignment signal between the azimuth phantom and
signals are the meridian control signal from the gravity
the slave gyro is obtained from the pickoff in the same
refertnct system, an east-west speed signal from the
manner as described in the Mk 23 system. This signal is
tangent latitude computer, and a vertical earth rate
fed into the slaving signal amplifier. The output of the
compensation signal from the latitude computer. The
slaving signal amplifier is the slaving signal, and it is
azimuth torque amplifier output is fed to the control
fed to the slaving torque amplifier. The output of the
fields of the two azimuth torquers, which apply torque
slaving torque amplifier is the slaving control signal,
to precess the meridian gyro, toward the meridian, in the
and it is fed to the slaving torque control fields.
same manner as described in the Mk 23 system.
The slaving torquers are duplicates of the azimuth
torquers and operate in the same manner. They produce
SYSTEM.-- The meridian gyro leveling control system
the torque about the slave gyro horizontal axis, which
(fig. 4-26, view A) consists of a mixer, the leveling
causes precession about the vertical axis to align the
cent amplifier, and the leveling torque. The input
slave gyro with the azimuth phantom.
signals to the mixer arc the dumping signal from the
gravity reference system, and the north-south speed plus
Compensation Signals
drift compensation signal. The amplifier output supplies
There are nine compensation signals in the Mk 19
the leveling torque control field, which produces the
Mod 3A gyrocompass system. These signals serve to
torque to level the meridian gyro.

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