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Page Title: Figure 3-17.--Bearing pullers.
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After removal, thoroughly clean the bearing. The
permanently lubricated bearings become inoperative,
replace them with bearings of the same kind. If not
recommended cleaner is standard solvent or clean oil.
already provided, attach DO NOT LUBRICATE
Soak the bearing in cleaner for as long as necessary to
nameplates to the bearing housing of machines with
dislodge dirt or caked grease from around the balls and
sealed bearings.
separators. After the bearing is cleaned, wipe it
carefully with a dry, lint-free cloth. If compressed air
Cleaning Ball Bearings
is used for drying, direct the airstream across the
bearing so that the bearing does not spin. Because a
You can clean an open or a single-sealed ball
dry bearing rusts quickly, protect the bearing at once
bearing only in an emergency when a suitable
by coating it with clean, low-viscosity lubricating oil.
replacement is not available. It is difficult to remove
Rotate the inner ring slowly by hand, and if the
dirt from ball bearings. Unless the cleaning is carefully
bearing feels rough, repeat the cleaning. After the
done, more dirt may get into the bearings than is
second cleaning, if the bearing still feels rough when
turned slowly by hand, renew it.
In cleaning an open, single-shielded or single-
sealed bearing, take the bearing off by applying a
For additional information on the cleaning and
bearing puller to the inner race of the bearing. Figure
lubrication of ball bearings, refer to NSTM, chapter
3-17, views A and B, shows two types of bearing
pullers, both of which apply the pulling pressure to the
FRICTION BEARINGS.-- Friction bearings are
inner race of the bearing. Removal of bearings by
of three types: right line (motion is parallel to the
pulling on the outer race tends to make the balls dent
elements of a sliding surface), journal (two machine
the raceway even when the puller is used. If bearings
parts rotate relative to each other), and thrust (any
are subjected to high temperatures, the race can be
force acting in the direction of the shaft axis is taken
distorted. This can cause the race to shrink to the shaft
up). Turbine-driven, ship's service generators and
more tightly. You should be careful not to damage the
propulsion generators and motors are equipped with
shaft when removing bearings. Use soft centers (shaft
journal bearings, commonly called sleeve bearings.
protectors), which are sometimes provided with a
The bearings may be made of bronze, babbitt, or
bearing removal kit. If not, the soft centers may be
made of soft metal. such as zinc or brass.
steel-backed babbitt. Preventive maintenance of
Figure 3-17.--Bearing pullers.

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