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specialized use, such as degaussing, telephone, radio,
LSDCOP-2-- LOW smoke, double conductor, oil
resistant, portable, conductor size approximately 2000
and casualty power.
circular mils.
Type LSMDU is a multiconductor cable used in
degaussing circuits. Type LSTCJA consists of one
LSMSCA-30-- LOW smoke, multiple conductor,
conductor of constantan (red) and one conductor of
shipboard, control armored, with 30 conductors.
iron (gray), and is used for pyrometer base leads.
Most cables and cords contain a continuous, thin,
moisture-resistant marker tape directly under the cable
Flexing Service
or cord binder tape or jacket at less than 1-foot
intervals. This tape shows the name and location of the
Flexing service cable designed for use aboard ship
manufacturer; the year of manufacture; the military
is commonly referred to as being portable because it
specification number of the cable; and the progressive
is principally used as leads to portable electric
serial number. The serial number is not necessarily a
equipment. It is also of two types--general use and
footage marker. A serial number is not repeated by a
special use.
manufacturer in any one year for any one type and size
GENERAL USE.-- Flexing service cable is used
of cable or cord.
as leads to portable equipment and permanently
installed equipment where cables are subjected to
repeated bending, twisting, mechanical abrasion, oil,
sunlight, or where maximum resistance to moisture is
Table 2-2 shows the ratings and characteristics of
various cables that are included in Military
SPECIAL USE.-- There are many different types
Specification MIL-C-24643. Each cable is identified
of flexing service cable designed for special
by the MILSPEC and specification sheet number,
requirements of certain installations, including type
followed by the cable type designation, conductor size
LSTTOP and casualty power cables. Type TRF is used
(AWG or MCM), number of conductors, conductor
for arc-welding circuits.
cross-sectional area (circular mils), overall diameter
of the cable, cable weight per foot in approximate
p o u n d s , minimum radius of bend (which is
approximately 8 times the overall diameter),
conductor identification, rated voltage, ampacity
Shipboard electrical cables are identified
(current-carrying capacity in amperes) of each
according to type and size. Type designations consist
conductor, and the national stock number (NSN).
of letters to indicate construction and/or use. Size
designations consist of a number or numbers to
The overall diameter is the overall measurement
indicate the size of the conductor(s) in circular mil
of the finished cable and is the determining dimension
area, number of conductors, or number of pairs of
in selecting the proper deck or bulkhead stuffing tube
conductors, depending upon the type of cable.
size or multicable transit inserts. This diameter is also
the determining dimension for stuffing tubes for
In most cases, the number of conductors in a cable,
up to and including four conductors, is indicated by
the first type letter as follows: S--single conductor;
Electrical characteristics are given under columns
D--double conductor; T--three conductor; and
headed Rated Voltage and Ampacity.
F--four conductor. For cables with more than four
In the column headed CDR ID (conductor identifi-
conductors, the number of conductors is usually
cation), the letters stand for the identification and the
indicated by a number following the type letters. In
number stands for the method of applying the identifi-
this latter case, the letter M is used to indicate multiple
cation. There are four codes for identifying the conduc-
conductor, Examples of common shipboard cable
tors in a cable; they are STD (standard identification
designations are as follows:
code), TEL (telephone identification code), SPL (spe-
LSDSGA-3-- LOW smoke, double conductor,
cial identification code), and LTR (letter identification
shipboard, general use, armored, conductor size
code). Table 2-3 gives the standard identification color
approximately 3000 circular roils.
codes for identifying conductors in multiple-conductor

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