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Page Title: Figure 2-13.--Lever-operated switch.
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IC/L Pressure Switches
Lever-Operated Switches
Pressure-operated switches are normally SPST,
Many types of lever-operated switches are used in
quick-acting switches. Each contains either a bellows
Navy alarm and warning systems to complete an
or a diaphragm that works against an adjustable
electric circuit to various types of audible and visual
spring. The spring causes the contacts to close
alarm signals. The type depends upon the circuit in
automatically when the operating pressure falls below
which it is installed.
a specified value. The pressure at which the switches
operate is adjustable within ranges, such as 0-15,
Most lever-operated switches use JR interiors
15-50, and 50-100. Make this adjustment at the screw
(fig. 2-13). These switches are operated by a lever
marked HIGHER (fig. 2-14). These switches can be
with a suitable locking plate. In the interests of
used also to indicate an increase in pressure above a
standardization, two types of interiors are available,
predetermined point.
each containing three 2JR sections. One type is the
JRM-300, which has a spring return mechanism; and
Pressure-operated switches are used with the
the other type is the JR-304, which has a positive
lubricating oil, low-pressure alarm system; air-
detent mechanism. Through slightly different
pressure alarm system; and booster-feed pressure
arrangements of pins, lever, and locking plate, various
alarm system.
types of switches can be obtained.
IC/N Thermostatic Switches
Special switches are used where the standard
Thermostatic, or temperature-operated, switches
switches cannot be used. For example, the diving
are usually SPST, quick-acting, normally open
alarm switch on the submarine bridge must be
switches. Each switch contains a bellows that works
pressureproof. For submarine service, a distinctive
against an adjustable spring, Y (fig. 2-15). The spring
shape is used for the operating lever knob or heads of
causes the contacts to close automatically when the
alarm switches in the conning tower and the control
operating temperature exceeds a specified value. The
room (where illumination is low) to avoid the
bellows motion is produced by a sealed-in liquid that
possibility of confusion in operating the proper
expands with rising temperature. The sensitive
switch. A square-shaped knob is used for the diving
element containing this liquid may be built into
alarm switch, a star-shaped head for the collision
alarm switch, and a standard rounded head for the
general alarm.
Lever-operated switches are available in 1-, 2-,
and 3-ganged types. These switches are used in such
systems as the fire room emergency signal, general
alarm, chemical-attack alarm, steering emergency
signal, whistle operation, lifebuoy-release, and
flight-crash signal.
Figure 2-14.--Type IC/L pressure switch.
Figure 2-13.--Lever-operated switch.

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