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Page Title: Performance Data Records
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equipment from operation before checking it
functional inspections, you should keep a careful record
of the performance data on each piece of equipment.
thoroughly, unless you suspect a malfunction that could
cause further damage to the equipment.
IC Electricians should have a prescribed procedure
to check a discrepancy or trouble call. You may find the
Locally prepared performance data records are
following approach helpful in evaluating operating
valuable in several ways. By comparing data taken on a
particular piece of equipment at different times, you can
detect slow, progressive drifts that may not show in any
Visual in-place inspectionThis inspection may
one test. Though week-to-week changes may be slight,
disclose frayed or broken wiring and loose electrical or
you should follow them carefully so necessary
mechanical connections.
replacement or repair can be made before the lower limit
of performance is reached. Any marked variation is
Operational checkThis check may pinpoint the
abnormal, and it should be investigated immediately.
trouble to a particular unit. In some cases, it may disclose
Also, by keeping systematic records of performance and
the use of improper operating procedures, especially
servicing data, maintenance personnel become
with new equipment by inexperienced personnel.
acquainted with the equipment faster. Then too, the
Performance testThis testis an extension of the
accumulated experience contained in the records
operational check and is conducted with portable test
furnishes a guide to swift and accurate troubleshooting.
equipment and built-in meters; it can help localize the
Most of the actual work of organizing and
source of the trouble.
implementing a system of testing and servicing of
IC Electricians should conduct a quality control
equipment is outlined in the 3-M Systems. However,
inspection of all overhauled or repaired equipment
before it is reinstalled. This inspection combines the
maintenance-related functions not covered by the 3-M
visual inspection, operational check, and performance
test to assure the equipment is in proper operating
condition and ready for use.
Corrective maintenance consists of locating and
correcting troubles in equipment or a system that fails
to function properly. Location of troubles includes
Corrective maintenance usually is concerned with
e v a l u a t i o n of equipment performance and
the process of troubleshooting. There are several ways
to describe troubleshooting. One description is as
follows: several steps through which a technician gains
information about a casualty, isolates and repairs the
faulty component, and clearly understands the reason
The manufacturer's instruction book for each
for the malfunction.
particular piece of electrical/electronic equipment
contains performance standards that enable the
When the presence of a malfunction has been
technician to make an intelligent evaluation of the
recognized, the first phase of troubleshooting has begun.
operating capabilities and efficiency of the equipment.
The operation of the system is analyzed to determine
The standards are designed to make sure the equipment
which area of the equipment is causing the trouble.
operates at maximum efficiency at all times; any
When faulty operation of a piece of equipment has
reduction in performance indicates the need for
been traced to a particular stage or group of stages, the
corrective action. These instruction books also give the
next phase of troubleshooting is begun-identifying,
technician step-by-step performance checks, indicating
isolating, and repairing the faulty component or group
clearly all the test connections and test equipment for
of components.
each step.
To prevent the reoccurrence of the malfunction, you
When a discrepancy is brought to your attention
must clearly understand the reason the malfunction
through an operator's trouble call or as a result of an
occurred so all faulty components can be replaced; not
PMS check, you should first determine whether the
equipment is faulty or not. It is a mistake to remove the
just the most obvious ones.

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