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Page Title: Drawings
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The overall objective of the SIMM is to display more
As stated earlier in chapter 3, simplified schematics
descriptive and illustrative data per page; eliminate
normally omit parts and connections that are not
unnecessary words, discussion, and illustrations;
essential to understanding circuit operation. In studying
organize all required data so rapid access is afforded,
or troubleshooting equipment, the technician often
makes a simplified drawing, including only those items
and display complete circuit element dependencies as
simply as possible.
that contribute to the purpose of the drawing. When you
are using the schematic drawings in this manual,
The SIMM helps organize the technical details of an
technical manuals, textbooks, and other publications,
equipment or system, providing users with all the
notice the various techniques for simplifying
information the y need to learn to operate and maintain
schematics, thereby increasing their usefulness in
the equipment or system. The style of writing and the
maintenance work.
use of circuit-identifier codes (coding that assists
recognition of the circuit character) and coded symbols
enable the trainee to learn faster. Circuit diagrams and
associated text are presented on facing pages.
The drawings used by an IC Electrician include
The text is concise; yet it defines the circuit
block diagrams, signal flow charts, wiring diagrams,
operation precisely. Block diagrams relate the level of
and mechanical drawings. As with schematics, the IC
physical containment (unit, assembly, subassembly,
Electrician will be familiar with some drawings from
sub-subassembly) with the hardware to the functional
past experience. The use of block diagrams and signal
circuits. Associated text is likewise presented on a facing
flow charts to present the overall picture of equipment
page. Coded symbols and abbreviations indicate the
function is widespread. Although they do not contain the
kind of signals being processed, and circuit-identifier
details that are needed in accomplishing maintenance
codes identify the circuit represented by uniquely
tasks, they are obviously valuable in training situations
shaped blocks. Maintenance dependency charts, based
and in providing overall continuity when personnel are
upon positive logic, provide a unique, fast method of
working with partial schematics.
trouble analysis, include operating procedures, and
reveal to a degree the designed-in equipment
maintainability. The emphasis on symbology, a concise
writing style, and memory devices permit a reduction in
page count with no loss in technical content.
The IC Electrician is responsible for maintaining
many different types of complex electrical/electronics
The SIMM is developed around the following three
equipment, Usually, the diagnostic logic shortcomings
basic building blocks:
of a young maintenance force result in longer than
Blocked schematic
necessary equipment downtime. In some cases,
equipment damage is introduced by trial-and-error
Blocked text
maintenance actions. Some faults cannot be located and
repaired by the unit level maintenance personnel
Precise-access blocked diagram
because they lack experience or are not familiar with the
equipment. Then too, personnel of all experience levels
are frequently transferred and encounter new
equipment. A relatively new troubleshooting aid, the
By definition, a blocked schematic is a schematic
Symbolic Integrated Maintenance Manual (SIMM),
diagram laid out in block form (fig. 4-1). It distinguishes
should help the troubleshooter identify more readily the
the functions and physical aspects of the hardware by
general location of a fault. Though this manual presents
using shaded areas of blue and gray. The blue-shaded
a rather complete circuit analysis, in no way does it
areas show the functional features of a circuit (lowest
prevent the requirement for local analysis and a
definable basic circuit, filter, voltage divider, oscillator,
well-informed technician. The SIMM represents a major
amplifier, relay contact, meter, coil, switch, and so on)
change in the methods of presenting technical data and
and the gray-shaded areas show the hardware (chassis,
the methods of diagnosing electronic system faults.
drawer, module, and so on).
Through the use of new information display techniques
and symbology, blocks, and color shading, the job of
Each blue area includes ALL circuit elements that
fault isolation in complex electronic systems is made
are involved in accomplishing the circuit function; these
easier, faster, and surer.
areas are called functional entities. Each functional

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