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Page Title: Goals
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Distribute required technical information more
Establish realistic material and equipment
Accomplishment of repairs and alterations
requirements in support of the maintenance
according to technical specifications has been a
long-standing requirement for U.S. Navy ships.
To obtain full benefits from a QA program,
Ultimate responsibility to ensure that this requirement
is met rests with the person performing the maintenance.
teamwork must be achieved first. Blend QA functions
To do the job properly, a worker must be
in with the interest of the total organization and you
produce a more effective program. Allow each worker
properly trained,
and supervisor to use an optimum degree of judgment
provided with correct tools and parts,
in the course of the assigned daily work; a person's
judgment plays an important part in the quality of the
familiar with the applicable technical manuals
work. QA techniques supply each person with the
and plans, and,
information on actual quality. This information provides
adequately supervised.
a challenge to the person to improve the quality of the
work. The resulting knowledge encourages the best
These elements continue to be the primary means of
efforts of all your maintenance personnel.
assuring that maintenance is performed correctly. As a
supervisor, you can readily see where you fit in.
QA is designed to serve both management and
production equally. Management is served when QA
Once the need for maintenance is identified, you
monitors the complete maintenance effort of the
must consider QA requirements concurrent y with the
department, furnishes factual feedback of discrepancies
planning and performing of that maintenance. Technical
and deficiencies, and provides the action necessary to
specifications will come from a variety of sources. The
improve the quality, reliability, and safety of
determination of which sources are applicable to the
maintenance. Production is served by having the benefit
particular job will be the most difficult part of your
planning effort. Once you make that determination, the
of collateral duty inspectors formally trained in
maintenance objective becomes two-fold:
inspection procedures; it is also served in receiving
technical assistance in resolving production problems.
1. Ensure the maintenance effort meets all
Production personnel are not relieved of their basic
responsibility for quality work when you introduce QA
2. Ensure the documentation is complete, accurate,
to the maintenance function. Instead, you increase their
and auditable.
responsibility by adding accountability. This
accountability is the essence of QA.
It is vital that you approach maintenance planning
from the standpoint of first-time quality.
The goals of the QA program are to protect
personnel from hazardous conditions, increase the time
between equipment failure, and ensure proper repair of
The QA program for naval forces is organized into
failed equipment. The goals of the QA program are
different levels of responsibility. For example, the QA
intended to improve equipment reliability, safety of
program for the Naval Surface Force for the Pacific
personnel, and configuration control. Achievement of
Fleet is organized into the following levels of
these goals will ultimately enhance the readiness of ship
type commander, readiness support
and shore installations. There is a wide range of ship
group/area maintenance coordinator, and the IMAs. The
types and classes in the fleet, and there are equipment
QA program for the submarine force is organized into
differences within ship classes. This complicates
four levels of responsibility: type commander, group
maintenance support and increases the need for a
and squadron commanders, IMA commanding officers,
formalized program that will provide a high degree of
and ship commanding officer/officers in charge. The QA
confidence that overhaul, installations, repairs, and
program for the Naval Surface Force for the Atlantic
Fleet is organized into five levels of responsibility: force
material will consistently meet conformance standards.

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