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Page Title: Types of Casualty Reports
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Unit commanders must be aware that alerting
CORRECT. A unit submits a CORRECT
CASREP when equipment that has been the subject of
seniors to the operational limitations of their units,
casualty reporting is repaired and back in operational
brought about by equipment casualties, is as important
as expediting receipt of replacement parts and obtaining
technical assistance. Both of these functions of casualty
CANCEL. A unit submits a CANCEL CASREP
reporting are needed to provide necessary information
upon commencement of an overhaul or other scheduled
needed in the realm of command and control of U.S.
availability period when equipment that has been the
Navy forces and to maintain the units in a truly
subject of casualty reporting is scheduled to be repaired.
combat-ready status. Support from every level,
Outstanding casualties that will not be repaired during
including intermediate and unit commanders, is
such availability will not be canceled and will be subject
essential to maintain the highest level of combat
to normal follow-up casualty reporting procedures as
readiness throughout the Navy.
General Rules and Procedures for CASREPs
Casualty Categories
A casualty category is associated with each reported
A casualty is defined as an equipment malfunction
equipment casualty. The category reflects the urgency
or deficiency that cannot be corrected within 48 hours
or priority of the casualty. All ships, shore activities, and
and that fits any of the following categories:
overseas bases (except NAVEDTRACOM activities)
Reduces the unit's ability to perform a primary
u s e t h r e e ca s u a l t y c a t e g o r i e s 2 , 3 , o r 4 .
NAVEDTRACOM activities use four categories1, 2,
3, or 4. The casualty category, although not a readiness
Reduces the unit's ability to perform a secondary
rating, is directly related to the unit's Status
mission (casualties affecting secondary mission areas
Resource-Specific Categories (this information is
are limited to casualty category 2)
explained in NWP 10-1-10, chapters 5 and 6, "Status of
Reduces a training command's ability to perform
Resources and Training System [SORTS])," in those
its mission or a specific segment of its mission, and
primary and/or secondary missions that are affected by
cannot be corrected or adequately accommodated
the casualty.
locally by rescheduling or double-shifting lessons or
The casualty category is based upon the specific
casualty situation being reported and may not
necessarily agree with the unit's overall status category.
Types of Casualty Reports
The casualty category is reported in the casualty set and
is required in all CASREPs.
The CASREP system contains four different types
The selected casualty category will never be worse
of reports:  INITIAL, UPDATE, CORRECT, and
than a mission area M-rating reported through SORTS
CANCEL. These reports of equipment casualties are
for the primary missions affected by the casualty.
submitted using a combination of two or more
Figure 1-3 shows a decision logic tree that provides
messages, depending on the situation and contributing
a logical approach to assist in determining the casualty
factors. The four different types of CASREPs are
category and whether or not a CASREP is required.
discussed in the following paragraphs. Additional
Figure 1-4 shows a similar decision logic tree for
information concerning CASREPs can be found in
NWP 10-1-10.
INITIAL. The INITIAL CASREP identifies, to an
Message Format
appropriate level of detail, the status of the casualty and
parts and/or assistance requirements. his information
A CASREP message consists of data sets that
is needed by operational and staff authorities to set
c o n v e y sufficient information to satisfy the
proper priorities for the use of resources.
requirements of a particular casualty reporting situation.
These data sets are preceded by a standard Navy
information similar to that submitted in the INITIAL
message header consisting of precedence, addressees,
and classification. The following message conventions
CASREP and/or submits changes to previously
submitted information.
also apply to CASREP messages.

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