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Page Title: Estimating Work
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Sometimes you may have to set other work aside
correctly and that all final details have been taken care
of. Check to be sure that all necessary records or reports
temporarily y until these urgent jobs are completed.
have been prepared. These job inspections serve at least
Careful planning is required to keep up with all
two very important purposes: first, they are used to make
shipboard maintenance and repair work. Some of the
sure that the work has been completed in a satisfactory
factors that you should consider when scheduling
manner; and second, they provide for an evaluation of
maintenance and repair work are as follows:
the skills and knowledge of the person who has done the
work. Do not overlook the training aspects of a job
Size up each job before you let anyone start
inspection. When your inspection of a completed job
working on it. Check the applicable maintenance
reveals any defects or flaws, be sure to explain what is
requirement cards (MRCs) so that you will know
wrong, why it is wrong, and how to avoid similar
exactly what needs to be done. Also, check all
mistakes in the future.
applicable drawings and manufacturer's
technical manuals.
Check on materials before you start. Be sure that
all required materials are available before your
You will often be required to estimate the amount
personnel start working on any job. Do not over-
of time, the number of personnel, and the amount of
look small items, such as nuts, bolts, washers,
material that is needed for repair work. Actually, you
packing and gasket materials, tools, and
are making some kind of estimate every time you plan
measuring devices. A good deal of labor can be
and start a job, as you consider such questions as How
saved by the simple process of checking on the
long will it take? Who can best do the job? How
availability of materials before a job is actually
many people will be needed? Are all necessary
started. An inoperable piece of equipment can
materials available?
become a nuisance and a safety hazard if it is
spread around the room in bits and pieces while
However, there is one important difference
you wait for the arrival of repair parts or
between the estimates you make for your own use and
those you make when your division officer asks for
estimates. When you give an estimate to someone in
Check on the priority of the job and of all other
authority over you, you cannot tell how far up the line
work that needs to be done before scheduling any
this information will go. It is possible that any
estimate you give to your division officer could affect
When assigning tasks, carefully consider the
the operational schedule of the ship. It is essential,
capabilities and experience of your personnel. As
therefore, that such estimates be as accurate as you
a rule, the more complicated jobs should be given
can possibly make them.
to the more skilled and more experienced people.
Many of the factors that apply to the scheduling of
When possible, however, less experienced
all maintenance and repair work apply also to estimating
personnel should be given difficult tasks to do
the time for a particular repair job. You cannot make a
under supervision so that they may gain
reasonable estimate until you have sized up the job,
experience in such tasks. Be sure that the person
checked on the availability of skilled personnel and
who is going to do a job is given as much
materials, and checked on the priority of the various jobs
information as necessary. An experienced person
for which you are responsible. To make an accurate
may need only a drawing and a general statement
estimate of the time required to complete a specific
about the nature of the job. A less experienced
repair job, you must consider (1) what part of the work
person is likely to require additional instructions
must be done by other shops, and (2) what interruptions
and, as a rule, closer supervision.
and delays may occur. Although these factors are also
Keep track of the work as it is being done. In
important in the routine scheduling of maintenance and
particular, check to be sure that the proper materials and
repair world they are also important when you are
parts are being used, that the job is properly laid out or
making estimates of time that may affect the operational
set up, that all tools and equipment are being correctly
schedule of the ship.
used, and that all safety precautions are being followed.
If part of the job must be done by other shops,
After a job has been completed, make a careful
you must consider not only the time actually
required by these other shops, but also the time that
inspection to be sure that everything has been done

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