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Page Title: Priority of Jobs
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Deferred jobs do not present much of a problem.
confidence regarding planning and professional
They are usually accomplished when the workload of
the shop is light and there are few jobs to be done.
You, as a supervisor, must be available to your
When determining the priority of a task, you should
subgroup supervisors, and they, in turn, must be
consider the following information:
available to their subordinates. Ensure that all requests
come up the line in proper fashion. Also, make sure that
The ship's schedule and the effect the
they go down the line in the same fashion. Avoid
equipment will have on the ability of the ship to
collecting request chits at quarters before your petty
perform its mission
officers have a chance to consider them. Don't let your
personnel get their replies in the log room. Pick them up
Whether the work requires someone with special
yourself and return them to the subgroup supervisor.
This is a small item, but it reinforces the chain of
Whether or not all the required parts and material
command. Except when dealing with a severe personal
are available
problem, always ask subgroup supervisors to
accompany any of their personnel with whom you must
The work center supervisor should review the work
converse, rather than have them go it alone. This should
for the week with the division officer and determine the
give them confidence in their supervisor and you the
jobs that need to be accomplished right away (priority
benefit of the supervisor's views.
1) and those that can be done at a later date (priority 2).
The work that cannot be completed due to the lack of
As a supervisor, you must be aware of each job as
material or trained personnel should then be deferred to
it is worked by your personnel. Show an active interest
request material or outside assistance (priority 3). When
in the personnel under you. If you do not periodically
work gets sent to an outside activity, you should fill out
check on your subordinates' work, you will soon
a Ship's Maintenance Action Form, OPNAV 4790/2K
become aware of problems at a later time. As a
(fig. 1-1). When filling out this form, you should fill out
supervisor, you must, while keeping your hand on the
all the proper blocks as completely as possible. Refer to
job, keep it off the screwdriver.
figure 1-1 to determine what blocks you must fill out.
You must provide as much technical documentation
as possible. You may have to fill out a Supplemental
Form, OPNAV 4790/2L (fig. 1-2), when requirements
Job orders will generally be received in the shop
are not covered by technical documentation.
several days in advance. You should start planning as
If you cannot complete a priority 1 task because of
soon as possible to gain an advantage of time. Much of
ship's schedule or other reasons, you should work on a
your planning may be done before the work is delivered
priority 2 task. In this manner, the shop will be able to
to the work center.
accomplish assigned tasks in a timely and effective
In planning and scheduling work you will have to
The main object in the scheduling of work is to have
give careful consideration to the priority of each job
the work flow smoothly and without delay, since lost
order. Priorities are generally classified as urgent,
time between jobs lowers the overall efficiency of the
routine, and deferred.
work center. Because of the variety of jobs you and your
The majority of job orders will have the routine
personnel will be required to perform, specific work
schedules must be prepared to ensure that all work is
priority assigned to them. Routine jobs make up the
normal workload of the work center, and they must be
completed. Although these schedules list specific job
carefully planned and scheduled so that the daily
assignments, they must be flexible enough to allow for
organization and production can be maintained at a high
changes in priorities, transfer of personnel, temporary
breakdowns of equipment, unscheduled ship drills, or
any emergency that may arise.
Urgent-priority jobs require immediate planning
and scheduling. Lower-priority jobs may have to be set
You may have to change the schedule of work in the
aside so that urgent jobs can be done.
work center when new high-priority jobs come in.

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