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Page Title: Personnel Qualifications Standards
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The introduction explains the use of the
3. Drill for greater speed and accuracy.
qualification standard in terms of what it will mean to
Emphasize correct procedures in early drills and
the user as well as how to apply it.
increase emphasis on speed as drills progress.
The theory (100 series) section specifies the
Allow the team (or individual) to perform the
knowledge of theory necessary as a prerequisite to the
actual operation.
study of the specific equipment or system for which the
Evaluate and discuss the performance with
PQS was written.
your personnel.
The system (200 series) section breaks down the
equipment or systems to be studied into functional
sections. PQS items are constructed as clear, concise
statements/questions according to a standard format.
The answers must be extracted from the various
The Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS)
manuals covering the equipment or systems for which
program is another element in the Navy's overall
the PQS is written. This section asks the user to explain
training program. It is used to help develop in personnel
the function of the system, to draw a simplified version
the skills necessary to perform their assigned duties.
of the system from memory, and to use this drawn
schematic or the schematic provided in the maintenance
The Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS)
manual while studying the system or equipment.
Management Guide, NAVEDTRA 43100-1D, provides
Emphasis is given to such areas as maintenance manage-
information on the PQS concept and describes its
ment procedures, components, component parts,
implementation into the training program of operational
principles of operation, system interrelations, numerical
units of the Navy.
values considered necessary to operation and main-
The purpose of the program is to assist in qualifying
tenance, and safety precautions. A study of the items in
trainees to perform their duties. It is recommended that
the system section provides the individual with the
trainees carry their qualification cards with them so they
required information concerning what the system or
can take advantage of training "targets of opportunity"
equipment does, how it does it, and other pertinent
that may occur during their daily routine. Individuals are
aspects of operation.
allowed to progress at a pace that fits their individual
The watch stations (300 series) section includes
learning ability. This progress, of course, is contingent
questions regarding the procedures the individual must
upon time periods established by department heads and
know to operate and maintain the equipment or system.
division officers. Although designed for a different
In this section, the questions advance the qualification
purpose, the PQS program helps to prepare personnel
process by requiring answers or demonstrations show-
for advancement. When studying theory questions,
ing the ability to use the knowledge covered in the
trainees are referred to applicable training manuals and
system section and to maintain the system or equipment.
other sources of information.
Areas covered include normal operation; abnormal or
emergency operation; emergency procedures that could
To determine what equipment or watch station is in
limit damage and/or casualties associated with a
the PQS program and to obtain the stock number for a
particular operation; operations that occur too
particular PQS booklet, refer to NAVSUP 2002 or
frequently to be considered mandatory performance
CNET Notice 3500.
items; and maintenance proeedures/instructions such as
Each qualification standard has four main sub-
checks, tests, repairs, replacements, and so on.
divisions in addition to a preface, introduction, glossary,
The qualification cards (400 series) section covers
bibliography, and feedback form. These subdivisions
the accounting documents used to record the individ-
are as follows:
ual's satisfactory completion of items. A complete PQS
100 Series--Theory
package should be given to each person being qualified
so he or she can use it at every opportunity to become
200 Seris--System
fully qualified in all areas of the appropriate rating and
300 Series--Watchstations (duties, assignments, or
the equipment, system, or watch station for which the
PQS was written. At what point to begin a PQS booklet
will depend on the individual's assignment within an
400 Series--Qualification cards

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