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Page Title: Figure 10-9.--Rudder angle transmitter.
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steering orders to the steering gear room. The order
and indicating systems associated with this console
are the rudder angle indicator, the rudder order, and
the steering emergency alarm signal. The steering
control console also contains ship's course indicators,
a helm angle indicator, and a steering wheel (helm).
Some steering control consoles also contain a
magnesyn compass repeater.
The helm angle indicator is a synchro receiver
that is connected to a synchro transmitter attached to
the steering gear. It indicates the mechanical position
of the steering gear. The steering wheel (helm) is
used to steer the ship. The magnesyn compass
repeater is maintained by the ship's Quartermasters.
Rudder Angle Indicator
The rudder angle indicator system (circuit N)
provides a means of electrically transmitting the
angular position of the ship's rudder at the rudder
head to designated stations throughout the ship.
Figure 10-10.--Rudder angle indicator
(circuit N).
The rudder angle transmitter (fig. 10-9) is located
at the rudder head and consists of a synchronous
transmitter mechanically linked to the rudder stock
to the transmitted angular displacement on the dial
in such a manner that its shaft follows the movement
of the rudder. It transmits the angular position of the
rudder angle to various ship's rudder angle indicators
Figure 10-11 is a block diagram of the rudder
via the action cutout (ACO) section of the steering
angle order and rudder angle indicator systems,
gear room IC switchboard.
showing the various units and their locations.
The rudder angle indicator (fig. 10-10) consists of a
A combination rudder angle order indicator (fig.
fixed dial and pointer, which is mounted on the shaft
10-12) is located in the steering gear room in front of
of a synchro receiver. The receiver rotates the pointer
the steering gear room trick wheel. The trick wheel is
used to steer the ship under emergency steering
Single rudder angle indicators are located in the
engine rooms, bridge wings, CIC, pilothouse, and
navigation bridge.
Rudder Order
The rudder order system (circuit L) provides a
means of electrically transmitting rudder angle
orders from the steering control console in the
pilothouse to the steering gear room when the ship is
being steered from the steering gear room.
The rudder angle order indicator transmitter is
located in the steering control console. The helmsman
operates the transmitter when a change in rudder
angle is ordered by the OOD.
A push button is also provided on the console to
Figure 10-9.--Rudder angle transmitter.
ring a bell in the steering gear room so that the

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