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Page Title: Sprinkling Alarm System (CKT FH)
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Maintenance should be accomplished according
To monitor the diesel generators, a temperature
to the applicable technical manual and maintenance
switch with a supervisory resistor across its contacts
requirement cards (MRCs).
is located in each acoustic cell and three flame
detectors are located at critical points about each
diesel generator.
At each gas turbine, the photoelectric cells in the
Circuit FH is classified as semivital readiness
flame detectors produce a signal when exposed to a
class 1. This circuit provides a means of indicating
flame condition. This signal operates a local contact
leakage or flow of water in the sprinkling system lines
closure. This closure is transmitted to the local
for various protected spaces.
operating station, where it energizes an alarm
This system has four water switches and two
indicator mounted on the adjacent instrument panel.
pressure switches. Abnormal conditions are displayed
The signal is also transmitted to the PCC, where it
on the circuit FH modules in the damage control area
energizes a second alarm indicator. This circuit is
of the central control station (CCS).
supplemented by a push button, mounted at the
enclosure access, operation of which also energizes
Any leakage or flow of water in the lines to the
both of these alarms. Push buttons at the console and
small arms magazine, the trash disposal room, the
the local operating station provide a means for
torpedo magazine, or the 76mm ammunition
shutting down the engine room ventilation supply and
magazine will actuate the switch and provide alarm
exhaust fans. The status of the enclosure door is
indication on the associated module in the circuit F
displayed at the console.
alarm switchboard in the damage control area of the
CCS. The switches for the small arms magazine and
When the temperature in the acoustic cell reaches
trash disposal room are equipped with supervisory
a predetermined level, the contacts of one or both
resistors. Since the torpedo magazine and the 76mm
temperature switches close and complete the circuit to
ammunition magazine use common alarm modules for
a console alarm indicator.
circuits FD and FH, the water switches for the
At each diesel generator, photoelectric cells in the
sprinkling system in these areas are not fitted with
flame detectors produce a signal when exposed to a
supervisory resistors since the resistors are in the level
flame condition. This signal is transmitted to flame
switches of circuit FD.
signal conditioner. The conditioner transmits the
The sprinkling system for the Mk 13 Mod 4 guided
alarm signal to the electric plant control console.
missile launcher system (GMLS) magazine is
When temperature in the acoustic cell reaches a
provided with three separate alarms. Normally, the
predetermined limit, the contacts of the temperature
accumulator tank in the magazine is filled with water
switch close and complete the circuit to a module of
under pressure. A sensor in the magazine, on detecting
the local alarm switchboard with an extension signal
a dangerous condition, releases the water in the tank,
to a vent fan shutdown relay assembly. The energized
thus reducing the pressure; and its alarm switch closes,
relays disconnect power to the machinery room,
activating an alarm module on the circuit F alarm
supply, and exhaust fans.
Checkout procedures for the gas turbine high-
In the alarm system for the missile injection
temperature and flame detector circuit are contained
system compression tank, the alarm actuation is the
in the Electric Plant Control Console Technical
same as for the Mk 13 Mod 4 GMLS magazine
Manual. Checkout procedures for the diesel generator
accumulator tank.
high-temperature alarm circuit are contained in the
The supervisory resistors for the accumulator tank
Electric Plant Control Console Technical Manual.
and the eductor valve Mk 13 magazine alarms are
Power for all gas turbine circuits is taken from the
mounted in a common junction box No. C-17, located
PCC. Power supply for the diesel generator flame
in the a/c machinery room on the first platform.
detector circuit is taken from a local 120 Vac
The supervisory resistor for the missile injection
distribution box, while the power supply for the diesel
system compression tank is located in the pressure
generator high-temperature circuit is taken from the
alarm switchboard.

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