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Page Title: Video Cassette Recorders
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Effective use of the patch panel and patch cords
Cameras mounted on the diplexer accept images
from the slide or film projectors. This is determined
increases system flexibility and simplifies trouble-
shooting and maintenance of the SITE system.
by the position of the movable mirror located in the
optical mirror assembly. The input image is processed
The patch panel serves four principal purposes.
through the camera electronics and emerges as a
Since all signals to and from the major pieces of
composite video signal. This video signal is then
equipment are routed through the panel, it provides
processed through the control bay and presented to the
convenient locations for testing signal levels and
modulators and/or to one of the video cassette
continuity. The patch panel can be used to bypass a
recorders (VCRs) for taping and to the control
defective unit so that operation can continue while
monitoring units.
repairs are being made. Also, the patch panel provides
Monitoring of cameras 1 and 2 is done by
a means of introducing auxiliary inputs into the
system. When programming requirements call for
observing the display at the camera monitor. This is
making an audio and/or video recording, the patch
located at the upper left portion of the left dual bay
panel can be used to feed the signals to the proper
(fig. 8-2 1). Selecting either camera 1 or 2 to monitor
is done by a switch on the camera monitor panel.
Audio Cartridge Recorder/Reproducer
Video Cassette Recorders
The ITC RP-0001 recorder/reproducer is located
Two Sony SLO-320 color VCRs are mounted in
in the right dual bay (fig. 8-22). The equipment is
the lower portion of the left dual bay (fig. 8-21). Video
designed to operate exclusively for audio cartridge
output from these VCRs may be monitored by
tape recording and reproducing. It has the capabilities
positioning the toggle switch on the control panel of
of playback of prerecorded audio and recording audio
the VCR monitor to the correct position.
for playback. Audio input and output cables are wired
through the patch panel to the audio mixer/monitor.
Patch Panel
With proper use of the mixer/monitor and patch panel,
any audio source can be recorded and played back.
All audio and video signals originated by the
system or entering the system are connected directly
Audio Mixer/Monitor
to the patch panel. From there they are routed into the
system on preestablished (normal) signal paths or
The Ramko audio mixer/monitor is located in the
alternate paths manually selected by patch cords.
left dual bay (fig. 8-21). This device has the capability
of monitoring and controlling all audio signals
The patch panel is an assembly of 52 audio and
generated in the system. Monitoring is accomplished
video jacks, 48 of which are dedicated. Designation
by the monitor select push buttons, built-in loud-
strips above or below each jack identify the source
speaker, and monitor volume control. Undesirable
equipment or the receiving equipment for each jack,
audio crisscrossing is possible. Care must be taken to
Normally the jacks in the upper row receive signals to
depress the proper push buttons.
the equipment, In normal operation they act as in/out
jacks; that is, a signal received through a jack on the
Color Monitor
top panel is connected to the jack immediately below
it, Their normal connections are internal, and do not
Mounted in the upper portion of the right dual bay
require looping plugs.
is the 12-inch color monitor (fig, 8-22). The monitor
Occasionally it is desired to reroute a signal from
displays the R output signal from the Telemet
its normal path. In this case a patch cord can be
modulatators (which are discussed later) or the video
connected from a source jack to an input jack.
output signal. The receiver/monitor toggle switch,
Insertion of a patch-cord plug into an upper or lower
located on the monitor control faceplate, switches
jack breaks the normal through connection. The other
from one display to the other.
end of the patch cord can then be connected to
whatever jack will give the desired connection.
Waveform Monitor
Removing the patch cord from the jacks reestablishes
Directly associated with the input to the
the normal connection. Four video coaxial patch cords
receiver/monitor is the waveform monitor. This is
and six audio patch cords are supplied with the system.

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