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Page Title: Phonograph Record Changer
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located on the lower left side of the panel. This section
simultaneously and allows only microphone voice
is used to check any program source before switching
announcements to be made over the system.
it out to one of the channels and to monitor the output
of each of the four channels. This section contains a
two sections are located in the upper portion of the
program monitor selector switch, a volume control,
panel to the right of the mike control section. One
and a headset jack.
section is for TAPE 1 and the other section is for
To monitor a program source, plug a headphone
TAPE 2. Each section contains a selector switch to
into the headphone jack, set the monitor selector
select the program source for the recording, a record
switch to the program source, and adjust the volume
indicating button, a record volume level control, and
control for a comfortable listening level. The volume
a record volume level meter.
control in this section only affects headphone volume.
To set the correct recording volume level for the
Each program source should be checked for
tape, press and hold the record indicating button down
distortion, noise, and other signs of malfunction
and rotate the record volume level control until the
before being switched out to the ship's entertainment
record volume level meter just peaks into the red
region. Then, release the record button. The system is
To monitor any one of the four channels in use,
now ready to make a recording.
plug in the headphone and set the selector switch to
To record a program, set the selector switch to the
the desired channel.
program source desired, press the record button, and
then turn on the tape recorder. During recording, you
This section is located on the lower center part of the
should monitor the tape output using the program
panel. This section is used to set the volume output of
monitor. By monitoring the tape, you will be able to
each channel and to monitor the output of any of the
quickly recognize a defective tape or recording
four channels while they are in use. The section
process. You should also switch the monitor selector
contains an output selector switch and a volume
between the program source and tape output to see
that sound level and quality are approximately equal.
To stop recording, turn off the tape recorder and return
To set the output volume of a channel, use the
the selector switch to the OFF position.
volume control for that channel and the output
selector switch and volume meter for the output level
When recording a tape, you have a choice of
monitor. The correct setting for most programs is
two tape speeds: the 7.5 ips and the 3.75 ips. The 7.5
where the signal just peaks into the red region of the
ips tape speed provides the best fidelity and is
recommended when recording from high-quality
program sources. However, the 3.75 ips speed
Phonograph Record Changer
provides very accurate fidelity for most purposes,
and twice as much program can be recorded on any
The record changer is located behind the door
given reel of tape. After recording a tape, write the
directly below the amplifier control panel. The
speed at which the recording was made on the tape
phonograph record changer is a precision unit
reel box.
incorporating a dynamically balanced arm, a heavy
turntable, and other features to promote maximum
are four channel control sections, one for each
fidelity and record life. It plays all standard records
channel. They are located on the upper right side of
manually or automatically. In the automatic mode, it
the panel. Each section contains a program selector
is capable of playing up to 11 records. The record
switch, a volume control, a bass control, and a treble
changer can be operated either on its slides or closed
control. When a channel is being used, the output
in its rack. When it is operated at sea, the closed
volume is set as described in the output level monitor
position is preferred. The record changer is used as a
section. The bass and treble control for each channel
program source for channels 1 and 3.
are normally set at the mid position.
To gain access to the record changer, you must
loosen the two quick-release fasteners on the door.
Then swing the door down, release the record
TION.-- The program monitor control section is

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