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Page Title: Tape Recorders/Reproducers
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playback. Each tape recorder can record from any
magnetic tape recorder/reproducers, a phonograph
program source or from recorder to recorder, and will
record changer, an amplifier control panel, and two
provide concurrent playback while recording.
audio-frequency power amplifiers. The system
distributes programs on four independent channels,
The availability of two tape recorders/repro-
which are selectable at all ship's entertainment
ducers provides the ship's entertainment system
loudspeakers. These programs are produced locally
operator with the capability for a variety of
from the system and externally from remote sources.
techniques. The operator can, for example, do the
Local program sources for the four channels are
from the two tape recorders/reproducers and the
Duplicate( dub) from one tape to another
phongraph changer. Remote program sources include
two separate AM/FM radio transmitters and a remote
Switch from one tape to another to maintain
microphone, permanently wired into the system. A
continuous recording
microphone input jack, located on the front of the
control panel, is also used as an input to the channels.
Take material from one tape and put it on an-
This jack permits voice announcements to be made
other tape while mixing microphone commen-
over any one of the four channels individually or over
tary into the program
all four channels simultaneously. When this feature is
used, it overrides any other signal or signals being
Edit a tape onto another by duplicating (dub-
distributed to the system.
bing) selected portions only
Relays are installed in the system to provide for
Play a tape for ship's use while simultaneously
the muting of the system's loudspeakers when an
duplicating the tape for the ship's library
alarm is transmitted over the general announcing
system (circuit 1MC). These relays also provide for
NOTE: To use any of the exclusive rights of a
the attenuation of the system's loudspeakers during
copyright owner, without permission, is an infringe-
voice transmission over circuit 1MC.
ment of the owner's copyright. These exclusive rights
include copying, reproducing, printing, publishing,
The AN/SIH-7 system operates on 115-volt,
exhibiting, translating, and vending the copyrighted
60-Hz, single-phase ac ship's service power.
work or portions thereof and, in some instances, the
oral delivery or performance of the work. In addition,
Tape Recorders/Reproducers
the duplication of American Forces Radio and
T e l e v i s i o n Services (AFRTS) or commercial
The two magnetic tape recorders/reproducers
reel-to-reel tapes is NOT authorized.
contained in the control cabinet are identical in every
respect. One tape recorder is designated TAPE 1 and
When a tape has been recorded, you can turn it
is located at the top of the cabinet. The other tape
over and record again in the other direction to double
recorder is designated TAPE 2 and is located directly
the amount of playing time. However, you should
below TAPE 1. TAPE 1 is a program source for
remember that when a tape has been recorded in both
channels 1 and 3. TAPE 2 is a program source for
directions you cannot edit it by cutting and splicing
channels 2 and 4.
one channel without disrupting material recorded in
the other direction.
Each tape recorder is capable of playing and
recording at two different speeds (7.5 and 3.75 inches
Amplifier Control Panel
per second [ips]), using either 7-inch or 10.5-inch
standard tape reels, Each recorder can record
The amplifier control panel (fig. 8-2) is located
quarter-track monaural in each tape direction and play
below TAPE 2. The panel contains the system power
back quarter-track and half-track monaural or
section, a mike control section, two record control
commercial 4-track stereo tape recordings. Stereo
sections, four channel control sections, a program
playback is converted to monaural within the system.
monitor control section, and an output level monitor
E a c h recorder contains all the mechanical
components necessary for transporting tape and all
the electronic components necessary for
power section is located on the lower right side of the
amplification equalization during recording and

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