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Page Title: Controls and Indicators
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calls will be heard in the handset and the reproducer
stations. Another type of intercom unit, the
LS-434A/SIC, can originate calls up to a maximum of
20 other stations. There is, however, no operational
A portable microphone can also be used with this
difference between these two types of units.
equipment. The operation is the same, except the push
button on the portable microphone is used instead of the
normal talk switch.
VOLUME CONTROL.-- The volume control is
The reproducer serves a dual function. When it is
associated with a variable impedance transformer inside
the transmitting station, it performs as a microphone;
the unit. As the knob is rotated, the electrical energy
when it is the receiving station, it performs as a normal
passing through the transformer to the loudspeaker is
speaker; amplification occurs in the calling unit.
increased and the volume or sound output of the
loudspeaker increases correspondingly. The volume
Controls and Indicators
control has no effect on the volume of the signal
transmitted from the amplifier; thus, each unit in the
The controls consist of the push-button assembly,
system can control the incoming volume to the desired
talk switch, volume control, and dimmer control. The
indicators consist of the busy light, call light, release
DIMMER CONTROL.-- The dimmer control
light, and station designation lights.
controls all illumination of the unit. The signal lights
(release, busy, and call) are off when the control knob is
in the extreme counterclockwise position and are fully
button assembly, or station selector switches, are located
lighted for all other positions. The station designation
at the top of the front panel. The locations of the various
lights are lighted for all positions of the control knob,
units associated with the push button is engraved on the
station designation plate immediately below the push
and illumination increases as the knob is turned
button. When the button is depressed, it will lock into
the operated position until the release push button is
RELEASE LIGHT.-- The release light is located
depressed to return them to the nonoperated position.
under the release push button. When the release push
button is in the depressed, or operated, position, the light
The 10-station unit (LS-433A/SIC) is provided with
will be out. When the release push button is in the
one bank of 10 selector switches. The 20-station unit
nonoperated position, the light will be on.
(LS-434A/SIC) is provided with two banks of 10
selector switches each. During standby periods, the
BUSY LIGHT.-- The busy light is lighted when a
release push button is kept in the depressed, or operated,
station selector switch is depressed and the station being
position. When any station selector switch is depressed,
called is busy. When the busy light is lighted, depress
the release push button is restored to the nonoperated
the release push button and restore the station selector
position and the release lamp under the push button will
switch and call later.
be lighted. At the conclusion of the conversation, the
CALL LIGHT.-- The call light is lighted when a
release push button should again be depressed, restoring
station is being called by another station. The call light
the station selector switches to the nonoperated position
will remain lighted until the calling station releases the
and extinguishing the release lamp.
called station's push button.
TALK SWITCH.-- The talk switch serves to select
DESIGNATION LIGHTS.-- The designation
the function of the reproducer. When the switch is
lights are located at each end of the station designation
depressed, the reproducer functions as a microphone
plate. These lights remain lighted at all times and
and couples the reproducer (microphone) signal to the
illuminate the various stations engraved on the
amplifier and from the amplifier to the receiving station.
designation plate.
When the spring-loaded talk switch is released, the
reproducer functions as a loudspeaker and is ready to
receive information.
The amplifier is a three-stage, push-pull amplifier
A handset can be used with the intercom unit in
that uses transformer input and output coupling. The
place of the reproducer. The operation is the same,
amplifier uses an internal ac power supply provided by
except that the push button on the handset is used as the
an unregulated dual diode. The primary advantages
talk switch in place of the normal talk switch. Incoming

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