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Page Title: Automatic Dial telephone Switchboard
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the hookswitch contact springs, bend the
nuts that hold the ringer to the panel and remove the
contact-spring stiffeners with a spring adjuster and
ringer from the panel.
measure the contact separations with a standard feeler
Secure a new ringer to the panel. Solder the red
gauge. With the hookswitch plunger fully operated on
ringer wire to terminal E4. Connect the black ringer
the hook, adjust the X and Z combinations for a
wire to terminal 2 of the network assembly. Reconnect
contact separation of 0.025 to 0.035 inch and the Y
the line cord, if required, and secure the telephone set
contact combination for a contact separation of 0.045
to its enclosure.
to 0.055 inch.
To replace the ringer capacitor, remove the
After adjustment, check the follow (overtravel) of
telephone set from its enclosure. Remove the
each contact combination. In going from on hook to
capacitor retainer nut and unsolder the capacitor wires
off hook, the minimum follow must be 0.010 inch and
from the terminals. Remove the capacitor from the
the contact springs must not touch adjacent stiffeners.
set. Solder the new capacitor to the terminals and
secure the capacitor to the panel with the retainer nut.
Ringer.-- To adjust the ringer, slightly loosen the
Secure the telephone set to its enclosure.
three screws located on the bottom of the ringer. Be
careful not to loosen the screws too much as the
Network Assembly.-- To replace the network
magnetic field could be broken and the ringer will
assembly, remove the telephone set from its
need remagnetization. Next, insert a nonmagnetic
enclosure. Remove the three nuts holding the network
feeler gauge of 0.025 inch thickness between the
assembly to the frame. Disconnect the wires from the
armature face and the pole face. Slide the coil and
assembly and remove the assembly from the frame.
lamination assembly toward or away from the
Connect the wires to the new network assembly and
armature until a setting of 0.020 to 0.025 is obtained.
secure the assembly to the frame. Secure the
Tighten the screws and remove the gauge.
telephone set to its enclosure.
Gong.-- To adjust the gong, loosen the gong nut
Dial Illumination Lamp.-- To replace the dial
and have someone dial the number of the telephone
illumination lamp, remove the telephone set from its
set. While the telephone is ringing, rotate the gong
enclosure. Remove the locking nut holding the lamp
until you get the desired ring level. Lift the handset to
socket. Lift out the lamp socket and remove the lamp.
stop the ringing. Hold the gong so it does not move,
Insert a new lamp in the socket and secure the lamp
and tighten the gong nut.
socket to the frame. Secure the telephone set in its
with the version 1 set, most malfunctions of this
telephone set will be reported by those using the set.
Common troubles for the version 2 telephone set are
When replacing components in the version 2 set, use
basically the same as those for the version 1 set.
the same basic troubleshooting procedures and safety
precautions as described earlier for the version 1 set.
The following paragraphs will discuss the
procedures for replacing the components of the
version 2 set. Only those components that are
The automatic dial telephone switchboard is the
removed and replaced in a different manner than those
switching center of the dial telephone system. The
described earlier for the version 1 set will be
switchboard is designed to perform the automatic
switching functions necessary for shipboard
point-to-point communications between telephone
Ringer.-- To replace a ringer, remove the
sets operating over automatic dial telephone lines.
telephone set from its enclosure. If you are replacing
Some of the automatic dial telephone switchboards
the ringer on a bulkhead-mounted telephone set, you
installed on board Navy ships include the Dynalec
will need to disconnect the 9-lead line cord and take
100/150 line, the Marine Dialmaster, the Dynalec
the set to a workbench.
200/500 line, and the Dimension 2000. The most
Unsolder the red ringer wire connected to
c o m m o n type of automatic dial telephone
terminal E4. Disconnect the black ringer wire from
switchboard installed on board Navy ships today is
terminal 2 of the network assembly. Remove the four
the Dynalec 100/150 line.

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