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Page Title: Figure 5-9.--Operation of sound-powered units.
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armature to bend in the opposite direction. This action
armature is repelled by the north pole and attracted by
reduces the air gap between the armature and the north
the south pole. As the direction of the current in the
receiver reverses, the polarity of the armature reverses.
pole. The reluctance between the armature and the upper
north pole is decreased and the lines of force are
The position of the armature in the air gap reverses,
forcing the diaphragm inward. The diaphragm of the
reestablished through the armature, this time in the
opposite direction.
receiver unit vibrates in unison with the diaphragm of
the transmitter unit and generates corresponding sound
As the sound waves strike the diaphragm, they
waves in the receiver unit.
cause the diaphragm to vibrate back and forth. The
LOADING HANDSET.-- Handsets are designed
armature bends first to one side and then to the other,
to give maximum operating efficiency when used in a
causing an alternating polarizing flux to pass through it,
first in one direction and then the other. These lines of
1-to-1 ratio. The number of handsets operating in
force passing through the armature will vary in strength
parallel should in no case exceed four. Where more than
four are deemed necessary from an operational
and direction, depending upon the vibrations of the
diaphragm. This action induces an electromotive force
standpoint, the communication should be by
(emf) of varying direction and magnitude; that is, an
sound-powered headset-chestsets. To maintain the
alternating voltage in the coil. This alternating voltage
overall efficiency of the circuit, handset buttons should
has a frequency and waveform of the sound wave
not be taped down for convenience, as this may overload
striking the diaphragm.
the lines. When using the handset, you should speak in
a loud, clear voice. The power of the transmitter is
Principles of Operation of the Receiver
generated by the voice, and while shouting is not
Unit.-- The sound-powered receiver unit reverses the
necessary, the louder the speech, the louder the message
transmission process. The alternating voltage generated
is heard in the distant handset. When a handset is not
in a transmitter unit is impressed upon the receiver coil,
in use, it should be stowed in its holder or stowage
which surrounds the armature of the receiver unit. The
resultant current through the coil magnetizes the
armature with alternating polarity. An induced voltage
Sound-Powered Headset-ChestSets
in the coil of the transmitter unit (fig. 5-9, view A) causes
a current to flow in the coil of the receiver unit (fig. 5-9,
vie w B), magnetizing the free end of the armature
Sound-powered headset-chestsets are designed for
arbitrarily with north polarity. The free end of the
general use and for use with sound-powered telephone
Figure 5-9.--Operation of sound-powered units.

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