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Page Title: Phone/Distance and Station to Station Lines
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cloth squares for daytime use and red flashlights for
generator rooms, central control stations, firerooms,
nighttime use.
auxiliary machinery rooms, and IC rooms.
The station-to-station line is used for
The jackbox outlets in each four-gang jackbox are
communications between the delivery and receiving
connected in parallel, and each box contains a nameplate
cargo transfer stations on each ship. This line is also
that identifies the associated below-deck station and
made up and kept by the ship's deck division. The line
circuit identification X40J.
is identical to the bridge-to-bridge line, except it doesn't
On aircraft carriers, four-gang jackboxes are
have any distance markers attached to it.
installed port and starboard on the forward and after
After the ship's deck division makes up a new line,
sides at each hangar division door. The respective
the IC Electricians make the sound-powered telephone
forward and after jackboxes are permanently connected
connections, which must be as secure as possible and
and are used to facilitate patching when the doors are
Each repair party locker on the ship is equipped with
four 200-foot lengths of type MRID-1 (commonly
called salt and pepper) portable cable. Each cable has a
Preventive maintenance for sound-powered
telephone jackplug fitted at both ends and is stowed on
telephone circuits consists of routine tests, inspections,
a reel. Each repair locker also contains two
and cleaning, which should be conducted according to
sound-powered telephone headset-chestsets and eight
current PMS requirements. Cleanliness is essential to
double-gang jackboxes (with jackbox outlets connected
the proper operation of sound-powered equipment
in parallel).
because of the low voltages and currents involved. Dirt
Some ships have portable cables with jackbox
and dust between closely spaced contacts in the
outlets built into the cable ends. On these ships, the eight
sound-powered switchboards and switchboxes can
double-gang jackboxes are not provided in each repair
cause cross talk.
When conducting insulation tests on sound-
If normal sound-powered telephone service is
powered circuits, open all tie switches connected to the
disrupted, the permanently installed jackboxes and
circuit. Close all line cutout switches on associated
risers, portable patching cables, jackboxes, and
switchboards or switchboxes. Disconnect all
headset-chestsets maybe used to connect the casualty
sound-powered telephone headsets from the circuit. Be
communication circuit over a wide variety of routes to
sure the push button on all handsets connected to the
suit any casualty condition that may occur.
circuit are open. Remove all sound-powered telephone
amplifiers associated with the circuit from their cases.
Insulation tests should be made using an approved
megohmmeter. You should measure from each
conductor to ground and between each pair of
IC Electricians are responsible for maintaining the
conductors. Each reading should be a minimum of
sound-powered telephone portion of the bridge-
50,000 ohms of resistance; lower readings indicate a
to-bridge phone/distance and station-to-station lines.
potential source of failure. Short cable runs should have
The lines are made of 1 1/2-inch round, 3-strand,
a minimum resistance well above 50,000 ohms. A
lightweight polypropylene. Each strand of the line has
separate insulation test should be made for each circuit.
one electrical wire interwoven in it. Sound-powered
telephone jackboxes are attached to both ends of each
line; the boxes are labeled either BRIDGE-TO-
In addition to switchboards, switchboxes, and
The bridge-to-bridge phone/distance line is used
jackboxes, sound-powered telephone equipment
between the delivery and receiving ships for
includes telephone handsets and headset-chestsets,
ship-to-ship coordination during replenishment-at-sea
telephone amplifiers, amplifier control switches,
operations. The line is made up and kept by the ship's
selector switches, soundproof booths, and a plotter's
deck division. Distance markers are attached to the line
transfer switchboard.
at 20-foot intervals. These markers consist of colored

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