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Page Title: Starting Control Systems
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pitch transmitter is fed to a control transformer (B 14)
3. Turn the master switch to the ON position. The
mounted on the master compass and meshed with the
green ship's supply 400-Hz power green lamp should
pitch gear. The output signal from the control
light at this time to indicate that power is available.
transformer (B14) represents the amount of pitch error
The voltage regulator green lamp should also be lighted.
in the roll-pitch phantom. This error signal is fed through
The compass control and follow-up alarm lamps on the
the pitch follow-up or servoamplifier to the pitch
panel will be lighted either red or green. Now, wait
follow-up motor, which positions the roll-pitch phantom
for the blue ready lamp located on the control panel
until pitch error has been removed.
to light (approximately 11 minutes) before proceeding
to the next step. When the blue ready lamp comes on,
The output from the roll transmitter is fed to a
this indicates that the gyrocompass rotors have
second control transformer (B16), mounted on the
reached their operating speed of 23,600 rpm and all
compass frame and meshed with the roll gear. The roll
circuits are warmed up and ready to be placed in the
follow-up motor positions the gimbal ring until roll error
RUN mode.
has been removed.
4. When the blue ready lamp comes on, check the
The roll-pitch signals from the control transformers
OWN SHIP COURSE dial (fig. 4-23) to see if the
(B14 and B16) are fed through the first three positions
compass is aligned with the ship's heading. If the
of a stepping relay, to the follow-up amplifiers. The
dial does not indicate the ship's heading, you need to
stepping relay automatically disconnects these
slew the compass until the dial is aligned within a
roll-pitch signals and connects the roll-pitch output
maximum of 10. To slew the compass, turn the
signals from the roll-pitch resolver to the proper
manual azimuth switch either CW (clockwise) or
follow-up amplifier when the main gyros have attained
CCW (counterclockwise) and hold in this position until
sufficient gyroscopic rigidity to take over the
the dial indicates the ship's heading as closely as
stabilization of the roll-pitch phantom.
possible. The nearer the OWN SHIP COURSE dial is
set to the ship's heading, the quicker the compass will
The stepping relay is an 11-deck, 5-position,
electro-magnet-operated unit located in the system
control assembly (fig. 4-24). This relay, with other time
5. Press the RUN button that is located directly
delay relays, serves to connect the various components
under the blue ready lamp (fig. 4-22), this uncages
automatically at the proper time during the starting
the compass, and the compass will now begin to
sequence. Many operations are involved in starting
the compass, and the steps must be performed in the
6. Check the IATITUDE COMPUTER dial (fig.
proper sequence and at the proper time to bring the
4-23). If the latitude setting is more than 1 off the local
compass to a usable condition in an optimum amount of
latitude, you must adjust the dial to the correct setting.
A screwdriver adjustment for adjusting the latitude is
located in a hole behind the latitude computer
STARTING SYSTEM.-- The Mk 19 starting
nameplate. To gain access to this adjustment, you need
system is made as nearly automatic as possible. The only
manual operations required of the compass operator are
to remove one of the nameplate screws and rotate the
the master switch, the manual azimuth switch, the fast
nameplate away from the hole.
settle switch, and the run button, located on the compass
7. At the end of 2 hours, the compass should be
control panel (fig. 4-22). The manual azimuth switch
completely settled and transmitting the changes in
operates controls for slewing the compass in azimuth
the ship's actual position with respect to the earth's
that are very similar to those described in the Mk 23
surface. Now, turn the mode selector switch (fig.
4-22) to the NORMAL mode. All alarm lamps should
be lighted green, indicating that the compass is
To start the compass at latitudes below 75, you
operating correctly. If any of the alarm lamps are lighted
should perform the following steps:
red at this time, notify the ship's gyrocompass
1. Turn the mode selector switch (fig. 4-22) to the
FAST-SETTLING SYSTEM.-- The fast-settling
2. Turn the master switch (fig. 4-22) to the FIL' S
system's function is to reduce the compass period and
increase the percent of damping during starting. This
position, and wait about 30 seconds to allow the tube
filaments to heat.
system reduces the time required for the gyros to assume

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