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Page Title: Heat Strees Control Program
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Boiler air casing leaks
Missing or deteriorated lagging on steam
All naval personnel receive an initial or reference
piping, valves, and machinery
audiogram shortly after entering the service.
Thereafter, a hearing test will be conducted at least
Clogged ventilation systems or an inoperative
annually while you are assigned to a noise hazardous
fan motor
environment. Hearing tests will also be conducted
when there are individual complaints of difficulties in
Operating in hot or humid climates
understanding conversational speech or a sensation of
To determine heat stress conditions, permanently
ringing in the ears. The annual audiograms will be
mounted dry-bulb thermometers are installed at key
compared to the reference (baseline) to determine if a
watch and work stations. Their readings should be
hearing threshold shift has occurred.
recorded at least once a watch period. When a reading
exceeds 100F (38C), a heat stress survey must be
ordered to determine the safe stay time for personnel.
A heat stress survey is taken with a wet-bulb globe
Hearing protective devices should be worn by all
temperature (WBGT) meter. You should compare
personnel when they must enter or work in an area
these readings to the physiological heat exposure
where noise levels are greater than 84 dB(A). A
limits (PHEL) chart. After comparing the readings
combination of insert earplugs and circumaural muffs,
with the PHEL chart, you will be able to determine the
which provides double protection, should be worn in
safe stay time for personnel.
all areas where noise levels exceed 104 dB(A).
Personnel hearing protective devices should be issued
As a petty officer, you should have a working
to suit each situation.
knowledge of all aspects of the Heat Stress Program
so you can recognize heat stress conditions if they
occur and take the proper corrective actions.
Further information and guidance of the Navy
Heat stress may occur in many work spaces
Heat Stress Control Program is contained in
throughout the Navy. Heat stress is any combination
OPNAVINST 5100.19B, Navy Occupational Safety
of air temperature, thermal radiation, humidity,
and Health (NAVOSH) Program Manual for Forces
airflow, and workload that may stress the human body
as it attempts to regulate its temperature. Heat stress
becomes excessive when your body's capability to
adjust is exceeded. This results in an increase in body
core temperature. This condition can readily produce
fatigue, severe headaches, nausea, and poor physical
In this chapter, w e have described your
and/or mental performance. Prolonged exposure to
responsibilities regarding general and electrical
heat stress could cause heatstroke or heat exhaustion
safety, both as an individual and as a petty officer.
and severe impairment of the body's temperature-
We have identified various sources of safety
regulating ability. Heatstroke can be life-threatening
information that are available to you, and provided
if not immediately and properly treated. Recognizing
you with general and specific safety precautions
personnel with heat stress symptoms and getting
to assist you in your day-to-day work as an IC
them prompt medical attention is an all-hands
We have discussed the danger of electrical shock,
As a petty officer, your role in the command's
how to rescue a victim from electrical shock, and
Heat Stress Control Program involves adhering to the
the procedures for giving first aid to the victim. We
command's program and reporting heat stress
have also briefly discussed the Navy's Hearing
conditions as they occur.
Conservation, Noise Abatement, and Heat Stress
Primary causes that increase heat stress conditions
Control programs.
are as follows:
Think safety! Always remain alert to possible
Excessive steam and water leaks

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