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Page Title: Electric Soldering Irons
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contact with oil, grease, hot surfaces, or chemi-
When an extension cord is used with a portable
electric tool, ALWAYS plug the tool into the
extension cord before you insert the extension
Never use a damaged cord. Replace it immedi-
cord plug into a live receptacle.
After using the tool, first unplug the extension
Check electrical cables and cords frequently for
cord from the live receptacle before you unplug
overheating. Use only approved extension
the tool cord from the extension cord. Do not
cords, if needed.
unplug the cords by yanking on them. AL-
See that all cables and cords are positioned
WAYS remove the plug by grasping the plug
carefully so they do not become tripping
When you use portable electric tools, always
Treat electricity with respect. If water is present
wear rubber gloves and eye protection.
in the area of electrical tool operation, be
When defects are noted, return the tool to the
extremely cautious and, if necessary, discon-
ship's tool issue room (TIR).
nect the power tool.
It is further suggested that, at the discretion of the
When tools produce hazardous noise levels, be
commanding officer, a list be established of portable
sure personnel are wearing hearing protection.
equipment requiring testing more or less often than
Never operate any portable power tools unless
once a month, depending on conditions in the ship.
you are completely familiar with their controls
Where PMS is installed, tests should be conducted
and features.
following the MRCs.
Make sure there is plenty of light in the work
area. Never work with power tools in dark areas
where you cannot see clearly.
Before connecting power tools to a power
When using and handling an electric soldering
source, be sure the tool switch is in the OFF
iron, you can avoid burns or electrical shock by taking
the following precautions:
When operating a power tool, give it your full
Grasp and hold the iron by its handle. Always
and undivided attention.
assume a soldering iron is hot, whether it is
plugged in or not. NEVER use an iron that has
Do not distract or in any way disturb another
a frayed cord or damaged plug, or is missing a
person while they are operating a power tool.
safety inspection tag.
Never try to clear a jammed power tool until it
Hold small soldering workplaces with pliers or
is disconnected from the power source.
a suitable clamping device. NEVER hold the
work in your hand.
After using a power tool, turn off the power,
disconnect the power source, wait for all move-
Always place the heated iron in its stand or on
ment of the tool to stop, and then remove all
a metal surface to prevent fires or equipment
waste and scraps from the work area. Store the
tool in its proper place.
Clean the iron by wiping it across a piece of
Never plug the power cord of a portable electric
canvas placed on a suitable surface. DO NOT
tool into a power source before making sure
hold the cloth in your hand. DO NOT swing the
that the source has the correct voltage and type
iron to remove excess hot solder, as it could
of current called for on the nameplate of the
cause a fire in combustible materials or burn
other personnel in the area.
Do not allow power cords to come in contact
Before soldering electrical or electronic equip-
with sharp objects (including watertight door
ment, be sure it is disconnected from its power
knife edges), nor should they kink or come in

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