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Page Title: Promoting Safety
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responsibility to yourself and to your shipmates to do
your part in preventing mishaps. As a petty officer,
Safety precautions must be enforced. It is your
you have the responsibility of setting a good example;
duty to take appropriate action any time you see
you cannot ignore safety regulations and expect
someone disregarding a safety precaution. You should
others to follow them.
ensure that all jobs are done according to applicable
Personnel should always observe the following
safety precautions.
safety practices:
Doing a job the safe way in some cases may take
Observe all posted operating instructions and
a little longer or be a little more inconvenient;
safety precautions.
however, there is no doubt as to the importance of
Report any unsafe condition or any equipment
doing it this way.
or material deficiency you think might be un-
Warn others of hazards and the consequences
of their failing to observe safety precautions.
Wear or use approved protective clothing or
To be an effective petty officer and supervisor,
protective equipment.
you should become familiar with the types of safety
programs implemented throughout the Navy. You
Report any injury or evidence of impaired
should also be familiar with all safety directives and
health that occurs during your work or duty to
precautions concerning your division. Safety in-
your supervisor.
structions vary from command to command. This
Exercise reasonable caution as appropriate to
makes it impossible to give you a complete listing
the situation in the event of an emergency or
of manuals and instructions with which you should
other unforseen hazardous condition.
be familiar. Besides studying the information on
safety described in this chapter and throughout this
Inspect equipment and associated attachments
training manual, you should read and have
for damage before using the equipment. Be sure
knowledge of the safety information in the
the equipment is suited for the job.
following references:
Safety must always be practiced by people
working around electrical circuits and equipment to
Standard Organization and Regulations of the
prevent injury from electrical shock and from short
U. S. Navy, OPNAVINST 3120.32B, chapter
circuits caused by accidentally placing or dropping a
7--Outlines the safety program and the safety
conductor of electricity across an energized line. The
arc and fire started by these short circuits, even where
the voltage is relatively low, may cause extensive
Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAV-
damage to equipment and serious injury to personnel.
OSH) Program Manual for Forces Afloat, OP-
No work will be done on electrical circuits or
shipboard safety precautions and specific occu-
equipment without permission from the proper
pational health program guidance.
authority and until all safety precautions are taken.
Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAV-
OSH) Program Manual, O P N A V I N S T
5100.23C--Encompasses  all  safety  disci-
plines, such as systems safety, aviation safety,
weapons/explosives safety, off-duty safety
Promoting safety will require you to become
(recreation, public, and traffic), and occupa-
safety conscious to the point that you automatically
tional safety and occupational health.
consider safety in every job or operation. Providing
Naval Ships' Technical Manual (NSTM), chap-
safety reminders and setting the example allows you
ter 074, volume 1--Provides general welding
to pass this safety consciousness on to other per-
safety precautions.

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