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and periodic checks can you assure the watch standing
Their responsibilities for security
of your personnel.
The importance of security and the penalties for
The usual means of training watch standers is by an
violating security regulations
apprentice program where the person stands watches
The techniques used by foreign intelligence
under instruction and supervision until he/she is
agents and agencies
qualified to do the job on his/her own. Whether or not
the person is qualified depends on the judgment of the
Their responsibilities for reporting any attempt
person assigned to instruct and supervise him/her. This
or suspected attempt of foreign intelligence
system is not always dependable for the following
activities to gain U.S. defense information
Any IC personnel having duties in a telephone
1. The person in training may learn bad practices
exchange should be aware that although interior
as well as good from the instructor. This problem can be
communications within a ship are fairly secure, once
partially remedied by rotating the person's watch so
telephone conversations get to the beach, they are very
he/she receives indoctrination from more than one
easily intercepted by taps on land lines and interceptions
watch stander.
of microwave telephone transmissions.
2. A person can stand numerous watches without
As part of security training, personnel having access
experiencing a casualty, and without being exposed,
to classified information should be briefed periodically.
through simulation, to all the possible casualties the
The following points should be emphasized:
watch stander may experience.
1. Divulge classified information only to personnel
By recognizing the potential for these problems you
who have the necessary security clearance and who
can compensate for them by preparing watch-station
must have the information to perform their official
qualification checkoff sheets and by supervising the
indoctrination of watch standers to the extent necessary
2. Personnel who have classified information have
to ensure that they become fully qualified. By these
the responsibility for protecting it.
means you can be sure that the inservice training of
watch standers is delivering the qualified personnel that
3. Personnel must be alert and ready to defend
you need.
themselves against any possible espionage or
4. Discussing any classified information over a
telephone is prohibited.
As a supervisor, you will have responsibilities in the
In addition to routine briefings, personnel who have
security area, both in safeguarding information you
access to classified information should be briefed before
possess and in indoctrinating your personnel in proper
procedures for handling classified information. Your
traveling to or through communist countries where there
may be an attempt to subvert, or obtain, information
security training responsibilities are part of an overall
from them. If any of your subordinates have close
security, orientation, education, and training program
relatives living in communist controlled countries, they
that is the responsibility of your commanding officer
should receive a special briefing, which your command
and directed to all hands.
will arrange.
The object of security training is to develop in all
hands a sense of personal responsibility for protecting
classified information and equipment. This training is
done either through use of group lessons, using lectures
and films, or by having personnel study the Information
The following procedure, recommended for
Security Program Regulation Manual, OPNAV
training a team and its members, is especially applicable
Instruction 5510.1H, or other printed information on
to engineering casualty control training:
security. In and near areas where classified material is
1. Analyze the duties of each person in the team.
used and stored, posters are placed to remind personnel
of their duties in respect to security.
2. Permit the team (or individual) to perform a
rehearsal or "dry run" of the operation slowly and
The following list contains some of the things
without pressure.
personnel should be taught about security:

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