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procedures performed daily or weekly. The requirement
the label should bear the notation "Not used for
quantitative measurements."
for calibration by the user and the calibration interval
(each Use, daily, weekly, every 100 hours, each overhaul,
and so on) is indicated in the METRL. The User
Calibration label (black lettering, white background)
In the event an instrument fails to meet the
must be used when the calibration is performed by the
acceptance criteria during calibration and cannot be
user. This label is not replaced at each calibration. When
adequately repaired, a Rejected label (black lettering,
the label is first affixed to the instrument, a notation is
red background) must be placed on the instrument. All
made about the appropriate calibration interval. Records
other servicing labels must be removed. In addition to
of calibrations performed, when other than each time
the Rejected label, a Rejected tag giving the reason for
used, are maintained in conformance with normal
rejection and any other pertinent information is affixed
maintenance practices; that is, maintenance log and
to the instrument. The Rejected label and tag remain on
maintenance action form.
the instrument until it is repaired and recalibrated. The
instrument MUST NOT be used while bearing a
Rejected label.
If an individual instrument due for recalibration is
not expected to be used for some time in the future,
recalibration may be indefinitely postponed by affixing
This label (black lettering, white background) is
an Inactive label (green lettering, white background) to
placed over readily accessible (usually exterior)
the instrument. The Inactive label must remain on the
adjustments to prevent tampering by the user when such
instrument until the instrument is recalibrated, and the
tampering could affect the calibration. The label must
instrument will NOT be used while bearing the Inactive
not cover any adjustments or controls that are part of the
label. It must be calibrated before it can be used.
normal use and operation of the instrument. This label
is also used to prevent removal and/or interchange of
plug-in modules, subassemblies, and so on, when such
removal or interchange can affect the calibration.
Standards and TAMS not requiring calibration are
shown as NCR in the METRL. The No Calibration
Required label (orange lettering, white background) is
Shipboard personnel stand a variety of watches, all
affixed to and should remain on the instrument until its
important to the ship and to the ship's company. In
calibration requirements change. When an instrument is
particular, your personnel stand the IC and gyro room,
not listed in the METRL as NCR, the following criteria
telephone switchboard, damage control central, and
must be used for placing the instrument in the No
sounding and security watches. The IC and gyro room
Calibration Required category:
watch is long and usually uneventful until a gyro alarm
sounds or until the electrical supply is shifted. At this
1. The instrument does not make quantitative
time, the person on watch must be alert. There are
measurements nor does it provide quantified outputs.
always minor repairs needed, such as to sound-powered
2. The device is "fail-safe" in that any operation
telephones, which can be used to keep the person alert,
beyond specified tolerances will be apparent to the user.
but "skylarking" should be outlawed. The telephone
3. All measurement/stimulus circuits are either
switchboard operator should be well indoctrinated, and
monitored by calibrated instruments during their use or
then periodically checked to make sure he/she is
rendering good service to the ship. Personal calls require
are dependent on external, known or calibrated, sources
for performance within required limits.
specific permission, and your operator should require
adherence to regulations in this regard. The damage
When it is determined that an instrument falls into
control central and sounding and security watches are
the Calibration Not Required category, the label is
independent watches and are under limited supervision.
annotated as to the authority on which the decision was
based, such as METRL, technical manual, letter, or
You should make sure your personnel are
message from higher authority. In the case of
performing their watch standing duties properly and
instruments that normally require periodic calibration
alertly. When problems occur, take immediate action.
but are not used to perform quantitative measurements,
Only through careful counseling, adequate instructions,

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