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A solid black rectangle and white lettering represent
charts. Faults must lie between the first bad event and
the last good event. Acetate coverings for MDCs may
a front panel indicator or an event recognizable from
be provided, or the charts maybe plasticized, so a grease
outside the cabinetry; an outlined rectangle with black
or carbon pencil can be used for marking out areas that
lettering is a circuit point at which measurement might
prove good. Marking out all known areas and actions
at some time be made. This circuit point may not be
readily accessible. Internal test points that are readily
that can be proven good rapidly reveals suspect areas.
The use of a pencil to mark out all proven good items is
accessible will be shown as gray-shaded rectangles.
recommended because technicians cannot normally
The dot () represents a circuit element or a
remember all the areas or dependencies that they have
functional entity. One aspect or state of circuit or
proven good.
component is represented by (), and relay contacts are
shown by (/) or (/), for continuity with relay energized
or de-energized, respectively.
Indexing is another important feature of the SIMM.
The SIMM method of indexing (fig. 4-7) allows access
to any bit of information relative to an assembly in a
matter of seconds. The index is organized on the basis
Assume that in the illustration of a signal event line,
of major assemblies and then is broken down to the
figure 4-6, view A, dots () represent the basic circuits
contained assemblies. Since each of the assemblies is
(oscillator stages, amplifier stages, and soon) or circuit
full y treated within a four- or six-page data package, and
elements (relay contacts, relay cards, and so on) that
the organization of details is always consistent, access
provide an action LIT at the end of a circuit chain (event
to the desired kind of detail is almost immediate. The
line). The solid triangle
is a dependency marker.
MDC is used to identify the functional entity or circuit
The action LIT depends on the availability of a
element that is suspected, the assembly in which it is
power source at the A block and on the proper operation
contained, and the cabinet containing the assembly.
Accordingly, in using the index you need only find the
of each of the circuits or circuit elements () represented
cabinet nomenclature and look to the page number for
along the event line. Now, if the lamp that indicates the
the contained assembly data package.
action fails to light, any item along the event line, as well
as the source, A, is a suspect item. Complex interrelated
circuits often use some of the same circuits or circuit
elements for more than one purpose. Thus, in multiple
circuits, where many functional items are common to
Alignment procedures for each functional section
more than one circuit chain (event line), as shown in
of the set or system, as necessary, are included on as few
figure 4-6, view B, notice that actions (column 24) that
pages as possible. The method of identifying alignment
occur at the end of these circuit chains are a result of
procedures is the same as for making other
certain common items employed in the parallel
identifications from the MDC. The alignment
generation of the events shown on other circuit lines and
procedures are directly keyed from the signal
some items that are unique to a single line.
specifications listed on the MDC. If a particular event
Look again at the multiple event line illustration
shown on the MDC is below specification and
(fig. 4-6, view B) for the purpose of analysis. If the lamp
correctable by alignment, the step in the alignment chart
does not light on line 4 but does light on lines 1, 2, 3,
is easy to find. Each part of the MDC treats a major
and 5, it becomes apparent that the circuits or circuit
functional segment of equipment. Likewise, the
elements represented by the dots in columns 4 and 18
alignment actions are organized (charted) for each major
are the only ones that can be suspected as faulty. All
fictional segment of the equipment. The identification
items represented by dots in other columns are proven
system for the charts is used for the alignment procedure
good because of the proper occurrence of the action LIT
chart. For example, alignments that affect events on the
on lines 1, 2, 3, and 5.
MDC, part 2, will be found on the alignment chart, part
For each major circuit, consistent with the
2 , and so on. When required, alignment of
precise-access blocked diagrams and blocked
subassemblies outside the set environment will be
s c h e m a t i c s , there is a corresponding MDC.
contained with the other details of individual assemblies
Troubleshooting is accomplished by analyzing the
in the data package for the assembly.

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