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Page Title: Shipboard Electrical Prints
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All similar units in the ship comprise a group, and
each group is assigned a separate series of consecutive
diagram that shows the individual connections within a
numbers beginning with 1. Numbering begins in the
unit and the physical arrangement of the components.
lowest foremost starboard compartment, and the next
SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMA diagram that uses
compartment selected is to port of the first if it contains
graphic symbols to show how a circuit functions
similar units; otherwise, the next aft on the same level.
Proceeding from starboard to port and from forward
to aft, the numbering procedure continues until all
shipboard wiring diagram that shows how each
similar units on the same level have been numbered;
conductor is connected within the various connection
then it continues on the next upper level, and so on, until
boxes of an electrical circuit or system. (2) A schematic
all similar units on all levels have been numbered.
diagram; the term elementary wiring diagram is
Within each compartment, the numbering of similar
sometimes used interchangeably with schematic
units proceeds from starboard to port, forward to aft, and
diagram, especially a simplified schematic diagram.
from a lower to a higher level. Within a given
compartment, then, the numbering of similar units
BLOCK DIAGRAMA diagram in which the major
follows the same rule; that is, lower takes precedence
components of a piece of equipment or system are
over aft, and starboard takes precedence over port.
represented by squares, rectangles, or other geometric
Electrical distribution panels, control panels, and so
figures, and the normal order of progression of a signal
on, are given identification numbers made up of three
or current flow is represented by lines.
numbers separated by hyphens. The first number
SINGLE-LINE DIAGRAMA diagram that uses
indicates the vertical level, at which the unit is normally
single lines and graphic symbols to simplify a complex
accessible, by deck or platform number. Decks of Navy
circuit or system.
ships are numbered using the main deck as the starting
point. The numeral 1 is used for the main deck. Each
To be able to read and verify the accuracy of any
successive deck above the main deck is numbered 01,
type of blueprint, you must be familiar with the standard
02, 03, and so on, and each successive deck below the
symbols used for the type of print concerned. Reading
main deck is numbered 2, 3, 4, and so on.
electrical blueprints requires a knowledge of various
The second number indicates the longitudinal
types of standard symbols and, in addition, a knowledge
location of the unit by frame number. The third number
of the methods of marking electrical conductors, cables,
indicates the transverse location by the assignment of
and equipments.
consecutive odd numbers for centerline and starboard
locations and consecutive even numbers for port
locations. The numeral 1 indicates the lowest centerline
(or centermost) starboard component. Consecutive odd
Various types of electrical drawings and diagrams
nun numbers are assigned components as they would be
are used in the installation and maintenance of shipboard
observed first as being above and then outboard of the
electrical circuits, systems, and components.
preceding component. Consecutive even numbers
similarly indicate components on the port side. For
To interpret shipboard electrical prints, you must be
example, a distribution panel with the identification
able to recognize the graphic symbols for electrical
number 1-142-2 will be located on the main deck at
diagrams and the electrical wiring equipment symbols
frame 142 and will be the first distribution panel on the
for ships as shown in ANSI/IEEE STD 315A-1986 and
port side of the centerline at this frame on the main deck.
MIL-STD-15-2. Common symbols from these
Main switchboards or switchgear groups supplied
standards are shown in table 3-1. In addition, you must
directly from ship's service generators are designated
also be familiar with the shipboard system of numbering
1S, 2S, 3S, and soon, as necessary to designate all ship's
electrical units and marking electrical cables as
service switchboards. Switchboards supplied directly
described in the following paragraphs.
by emergency generators are designated 1E, 2E, 3E, and
so on, as necessary to designate all emergency
switchboards. Switchboards for special frequency
(other than the frequency of the ship's service system)
have ac generators designated 1SF, 2SF, and so on, as
Electrical units and other shipboard machinery and
necessary to designate all special frequency
equipment are numbered as described in the following

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