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brown, black, gray, or maroon. The differences are the
types of paper and the developing processes used.
Military blueprints are prepared as to size, format,
A patented paper identified as BW paper produces
location of, information included in various blocks, and
prints with black lines on a white background.
so on, according to MIL-STD-100E of 30 September
1991. The various parts of a blueprint are described
The ammonia process, or OZALIDS, produces
briefly in the following paragraphs.
prints with either black blue, or maroon lines on a white
Title Block
Other processes that may be used to reproduce
drawings, usually small drawings or sketches, are the
The Title block is located in the lower right-hand
office-type duplicating machines, such as the
corner of all blueprints and drawings prepared
mimeograph and ditto machines. One other type of
according to MIL-STDs. The block contains the
duplicating process rarely used for reproducing working
drawing number, the name of the part or assembly that
drawings is the photostatic process in which a large
the blueprint represents, and all information required to
identify the part or assembly. The Title block also
camera reduces or enlarges a tracing or drawing. The
includes the name and address of the government
photostat has white lines on a dark background when
agency or organization preparing the drawing, the scale,
reproduced directly from a tracing or drawing. If the
drafting record, authentication, and the date (fig. 3-1).
photostated print is then reproduced, it will have brown
A space within the Title block with a diagonal or
lines on a white background. Photostats are generally
slant line drawn across it (not shown in fig. 3-1)
used by various businesses for incorporating
indicates that the information usually placed in it is not
reduced-size drawings into reports or records.
required or is given elsewhere on the drawing.
Military drawings and blueprints are prepared
according to the prescribed standards and procedures in
Revision Block
military standards (MIL-STDS). These MIL-STDS are
listed in the Department of Defense Index of
The Revision block (not shown) is usually located
Specifications and Standards, issued as of 31 July of
in the upper right-hand comer of the blueprint and is
e a c h year. Common MIL-STDS concerning
used for the recording of changes (revisions) to the print.
All revisions are noted in this block and are dated and
engineering drawings and blueprints most commonly
identified by a letter and a brief description of the
used by IC Electricians are listed by number and title as
revision. A revised drawing is shown by the addition of
a letter to the original number, as shown in figure 3-1,
view A. If the print shown in figure 3-1, view A, was
again revised, the letter A in the Revision block would
MIL-STD-100E Engineering Drawing Practices
be replaced by the letter B.
Abbreviations For Use On
Drawing Number
ANSI Y32.2
Graphic Symbols For Electrical
and Electronics Diagrams
All blueprints are identified by a drawing number
(NAVSHIP Systems Command number, fig. 3-1, view
Electrical Wiring Equipment
A, and Naval Facilities Engineering Command drawing
Part No. 2
Symbols For Ships Plans, Part 2
number, fig. 3-1, view B), which appears in a block. It
ANSI Y32.9
Electrical Wiring Symbols For
may be shown in other places also; for example, near
Architectural and Electrical
the top border line in the upper comer, or on the reverse
Layout Drawings
side at both ends so it will be visible when a drawing is
rolled up. If a blueprint has more than one sheet, this
Electrical and Electronic
information is included in the Number block indicating
Reference Designations
the sheet number and the number of sheets in the series.
Nomenclature and Symbols For
For example, note that in the Title block shown in figure
Ship Structure
3-1, the sheet is sheet 1 of 1.

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