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Page Title: Remote Control System
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indicate the positions of the helm and rudders,
and the steering control system into one order to the
respectively. A helm-angle synchro transmitter, also
hydraulic pump.
mounted on the differential control box, actuates a
The stroking lever and output shaft on each
synchro receiver in the steering console in the
differential control box actuate a rotary servo valve
pilothouse. This receiver positions a pointer to
that controls the associated main pump on the power
indicate to the helmsman the angle that is ordered
unit. In response to movements transmitted through
rather than the actual rudder angle. The ordered angle
the control box, the pump discharge is varied between
is called the helm angle.
zero and maximum, and in either direction of flow.
Remote Control System
In normal steering from the pilothouse, a synchro
transmitter is turned by the steering wheel. This
The remote control system provides control
synchro transmitter is electrically connected to a
from the pilothouse for normal steering. This
synchro receiver in the steering gear room. The
system has a synchro transmitter mounted in the
synchro receiver is geared to the LOWER bevel gear
steering console and a synchro receiver mounted on
in the differential control unit, and its rotation is
each pump differential control box (port and
transmitted through gearing to a cylindrical cam. A
starboard). A cable selector switch in the pilothouse
follower roller, which engages a groove in the
and a similar switch in the steering compartment
cylindrical cam, is mounted on an arm keyed to the
permit a choice between the port or starboard
output shaft of the control box.
steering cables. The selection of the control cable is
made by the operation of the cable selector switches
For example, assume that the rudder is amidships
in the pilothouse and in the steering gear room to the
and it is desired to obtain 20 right rudder. The
desired (port or starboard) position.
rotation of the lower bevel gear causes rotation of the
cylindrical cam, which, in turn, imparts a motion to
The synchro-receiver selector switch in the
the servo control valve through the cam roller. This
steering gear room is then set to connect the synchro
motion of the servo control valve puts the pump on
receiver on the active power unit to the steering
stroke. Oil pressure is then applied in the port
console synchro transmitter. The rotary motion of the
cylinder, forcing the ram to starboard to give right
synchro receiver is transmitted through gearing to the
input of the differential control box (stroking
mechanism previously described).
A rack, attached to the ram, rotates the follow-up
shaft, which is geared to the UPPER bevel gear in the
The helm-angle indicator synchro transmitters on
differential control unit. The movement of the ram
the differential control boxes in the steering gear
and rudders (in response to the stroking of the pump)
room are electrically connected to their associated
causes the upper bevel gear to rotate in a direction
steering-control synchro receivers. These transmit-
opposite to that of the lower bevel gear. This action
ters, under all conditions of operation, actuate their
rotates the cylindrical cam in the opposite direction,
associated helm-angle indicator synchro receivers in
tending to cancel the movement of the control input
the pilothouse console through their associated
and bring the servo control valve back to the neutral
position to return the pump stroke to neutral and stop
The 120-volt, single-phase power for the remote
the pumping of oil.
control system is supplied to the steering power panel
Thus, the rudders are at 20 right rudder, the cam
through a 450/120-volt transformer from the steering
is returned to neutral, and the pump is returned to zero
power transfer switchboard.
stroke until further movement of the steering wheel
The 120-volt, single-phase power for the
causes repetition of the cycle. The same sequence
indicator synchro transmitters is supplied from the IC
occurs if the control is from the trick wheel in the
steering compartment.
An engraved dial, graduated in rudder degrees, is
Magnetic Controller
mounted on top of the differential control box. Two
The motor of each steering gear pump is pro-
concentric pointers (one geared to the control pump
vided with a nonreversing across-the-line starter and a
input and the other geared to the rudder follow-up)

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