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(and your hull packing work). You must stress to your
workers how system essentiality, in an operational
environment, equates with mission capability and
You will find a lot of documentation inside the CWP
personnel safety. In other words, workers must
when it arrives at your desk. Inside will be process
understand how the work they perform in a maintenance
instructions, plans, technical drawings, and instructions
or repair environment can seriously affect the
pertinent to the production job at hand. Documents listed
operational capabilities of the tended unit as well as the
as references are not intended to be included in the CWP,
safety of the personnel aboard the unit. This is where the
but they must be available when required. You will also
assigned levels of essentiality, assurance, and control
find a copy of applicable portions of references included
come into play. What do we mean by these terms? We
in the CWP. In addition, the 4790/2R, Automated Work
will discuss each in the following paragraphs.
Request, is included within the CWP to provide for
complete documentation and references back to the
originating tended unit. You will use all of the
documentation to perform the maintenance action,
production task, or process assigned to your work center.
A number of early failures in certain submarine and
surface ship systems were due to the use of the wrong
material. This led to a system for prevention involving
levels of essentiality. A level of essentiality is simply a
You can make minor corrections, to the work
range of controls in two broad categories representing a
procedure (as directed by local instructions) as long as
certain high degree of confidence that procurement
they do not change the scope of the work being
specifications have been met. These categories are
performed. However, you must initiate a revision when
verification of material, and
it becomes necessary to change the original scope of the
job, such as a part not originally intended to be worked
confirmation of satisfactory completion of tests
on. The revision cover sheet gives exact instructions on
and inspections required by the ordering data.
adding, deleting, or changing steps in the work
Levels of essentiality are codes, assigned by the ship
according to the QA manual, that indicate the degree to
which the ship's system, subsystem, or components are
necessary or indispensable in the performance of the
Depending on the complexity of the task, it may be
ship's mission. Levels of essentiality also indicate the
desirable to have two or more work centers working
impact that catastrophic failure of the associated part or
portions of the task concurrently. Planning and
equipment would have on ship's mission capability and
estimating (P & E) will initiate an addendum to the
personnel safety.
original CWP. The addendum will include all the
headings of the CWP-references material list, safety
requirements, work sequence, and so forth. When you
complete the work steps, include the addendum with the
QA is divided into three levels: A, B, and C. Each
level reflects certain quality verification requirements
of individual fabrication in process or repair items. Here,
verification refers to the total of quality of controls, tests,
and/or inspections. The levels of assurance are as
To provide your customers both repair quality and
QA, you as a supervisor of a work center or a work group
Level A: Provides for the most stringent or
in an IMA and your maintenance personnel must
restrictive verification techniques. This
understand and appreciate your customers and their
normally will require both QC and test or
operational environment. This will require that you and
inspection methods.
your personnel give serious thought and consideration
Level B: Provides for adequate verification
to how a system's nonperformance may endanger
techniques. This normally will require
personnel safety and threaten the ship's mission
limited QC and may or may not require
capability. For example, you are not going to be aboard
tests or inspections.
the submarine as it does its deep dive to test hull integrity

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