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Page Title: Appendix I Glossary - Cont'd
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EMERGENCY­ An event or series of events in
CONVERTER­ A device for changing one type of
progress that will cause damage to equipment unless
signal to another; for example, alternating current
immediate, timely, and correct procedural steps are
to direct current.
ERROR DETECTOR­ The component in a servo
and repair of equipment failures.
system that determines when the load has deviated
CORRESPONDENCE­ The term given to the posi-
from its ordered position, velocity, and so on.
tions of the rotors of a synchro receiver when both
ERROR SIGNAL­ (1) In servo systems, the signal
rotors are on 0 degree or displaced from 0 degree by
whose amplitude and polarity or phase are used to
the same angle.
correct the alignment between the controlling and
DAMPING­ (1) The process of smoothing out
the controlled elements. (2) The name given to the
oscillations. (2) In a meter, this process is used to
electrical output of a control transformer.
keep the pointer of the meter from overshooting the
EXCITATION VOLTAGE­ The supply voltage
correct reading. (3) A mechanical or electrical
required to activate a circuit.
technique used in synchro receivers to prevent the
rotor from oscillating or spinning. Damping is also
FAIL­ Loss of control signal or power to a component.
used in servo systems to minimize overshoot of the
Also breakage or breakdown of a component or
component part.
DATA TRANSMISSION­ The transfer of information
FAIL POSITION­ Operating or physical position to
from one place to another or from one part of a
which a device will go upon loss of its control signal.
system to another.
FEEDBACK­ A value derived from a controlled
DEAD BAND­ The range of values over which a
function and returned to the controlling function.
measured variable can change without affecting the
FREQUENCY­ (1) The number of complete cycles per
output of an amplifier or automatic control system.
second existing in any form of wave motion, such
DEMAND­ To request a log printout or data display.
as the numbers of cycles per second of an alternating
current. (2) The rate at which the vector that
DEMODULATOR­ A circuit used in servosystems to
generates a sine wave rotates.
convert an ac signal to a dc signal. The magnitude
of the dc output is determined by the magnitude of
FUNCTION­ To perform the normal or characteristic
the ac input signal, and its polarity is determined by
action of something, or a special duty or
whether the ac input signal is in or out of phase with
performance required of a person or thing in the
the ac reference voltage.
course of work.
DIGITAL­ Pertaining to data in the form of digits.
GATE­ As applied to logic circuitry, one of several
types of electronic devices that will provide a
DIGITAL CLOCK­ A device for displaying time in
particular output when specified input conditions
are satisfied. Also, a circuit in which a signal
DIRECT CURRENT­ An electric current that flows in
switches another signal on or off.
one direction only.
GENERATOR­ A machine that converts mechanical
DRIFT­ A slow change in some characteristics of a
energy to electrical energy by applying the principle
device, such as frequency, current, and direction.
of magnetic induction. A machine that produces ac
ELECTRICAL ZERO­ A standard synchro position,
or dc voltage, depending on the original design.
with a definite set of stator voltages, that is used as
GYRO­ Abbreviation for gyroscope.
the reference point for alignment of all synchro
GYROSCOPE­ A mechanical device containing a
spinning mass mounted so it can assume any
ELECTRICAL-LOCK­ A synchro zeroing method.
position in space.
This method is used only when the rotors of the
HERTZ­ A unit of frequency equal to one cycle per
synchros to be zeroed are free to turn and their leads
are accessible.

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